2017 Postscripts

April 2017
April 30China wasn’t there, but ruled the summit
April 27China to collect at Asean summit
April 25China has no right meddling in Pagasa
April 23‘Time 100’ list a big letdown
April 20Trump’s order has little effect on Phl
April 18Next: Overseas Filipino Warriors!
April 16Evasco-Aquino row imperils rice supply
April 13What are Duterte’s men fighting over?
April 11Lascañas flies out, gets better vantage
April 09Visit to Pagasa is an inspired move
April 06Morality in gov’t sinks to the gutter
April 04Benham on west or east side of Phl?
April 02It’s time to move the national capital?
March 2017
March 30China, Phl rushing Code of Conduct
March 28Bots used to bloat retweets, followers
March 26The forgotten art of conversation
March 23Duterte just trying to confuse China?
March 21Mr. President, war not the only option
March 19Du30 better pause, review China moves
March 16Are we losing Phl by bits and pieces?
March 14No need for PMA honorary ‘mistahs’
March 12China now eyeing Pacific side of Phl
March 09‘Be patient -- things are coming together’
March 05Somebody’s got to pay for EJKs
March 02‘Death’ issues test Congress majority
February 2017
Feb 28Sino missile sites don't alarm Duterte!
Feb 26‘Alt-Edsa’ at Luneta to dwarf orig-Edsa?
Feb 23A chance to wash our bloody hands
Feb 21Bay reclamation: A treasure trove
Feb 19A chance to dump Duterte or Trillanes
Feb 16A hollow arbitral win at The Hague
Feb 12Duterte’s cursing losing its impact
Feb 09‘Duterte repeating Colombia mistakes’
Feb 07Du30 getting even after talks’ collapse
Feb 02Drug drive unravels after 7-K murders?
January 2017
Jan 31Tokhang extension eases ‘kill’ pressure
Jan 29Senators must go back to lawmaking
Jan 26Duterte on ‘shame’ drive versus Church
Jan 24Can Duterte keep both US and China?
Jan 22Populist Trump turns US inward
Jan 19Do Duterte, AFP top brass still talk?
Jan 17Staying up nights with a columnist
Jan 15Phl seas getting rather crowded
Jan 12Tetangco warns of perils in 2017
Jan 10Trump won’t mind losing Phl to China?
Jan 08Epiphany: Deadline for receiving bribes?
Jan 05Russian Navy is here. What next?
Jan 03Oust-Duterte plot to fail at this time
Jan 01EJK to continue in bloodier 2017

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