18mar06 – ‘Fake news’ sites listed by Wikipedia

POSTSCRIPT / March 6, 2018 / Tuesday

‘Fake news’ sites listed by Wikipedia



WE SHARE this list of supposed “Fake News” websites targeting Filipinos compiled by Wikipedia and reprinted by online magazine Positively Filipino. We assume Wikipedia has done its research on the sites.

Wikipedia said: “Fake news websites deliberately publish hoaxes and disinformation to drive web traffic inflamed by social media. These sites are distinguished from news satire (which is humorous) as they mislead and sometimes profit from readers’ gullibility. While most fake news sites are portrayed to be spinoffs of other news sites, some of them are examples of website spoofing, structured to make visitors believe they are trusted sources like ABC News or MSNBC. The New York Times pointed out that within a strict definition, “fake news” on the Internet referred to a fictitious article fabricated with the deliberate motivation to defraud readers, generally with the goal of profiting through clickbait.”

The list follows (the website name in bold type, followed by its URL(s), and then by notes):

24Seven Daily News; 24sevendailynews.

Ako’y Pilipino; akoy-pilipino.blogspot.com.

Al Jazeera TV; aljazeera-tv.com; imitates Al Jazeera. Used to redirect to vanguardngr.localreports.com, now down.

All Things Pinoy; allthingspinoy.com; “… does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information.” Now down.

Asian Policy Press; asianpolicy.press; “…owner of blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of information on this website…” Now down.

Balitang Pinas; www.balitangpinas.net; “… makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the content on this website or any sites linked to (it).”

BBC101, BBC Channel, TV BBC; bbc-channel.com, bbc101.co.uk, tv-bbc.com; Imitates BBC.

BBC Times; bbctimes.com; Imitates BBC.

Blog di latestdutertenews; latestdutertenews.altervista.org.

Classified Trends; classifiedtrends.net; Down.

TV CNN, CNN Channel, CNN Alive; tv-cnn.com, cnn-channel.com (contains malware); Imitates CNN.

Dai1lymail/Mail in One; da1lymail.com, da1lymail.co.uk; Imitates Daily Mail. Down.

Daily Filipino; dailyfilipino.altervista.org.

Daily Filipinews; dailyfilipinews.blogspot.com; Empty.

Definitely Filipino; definitelyfilipino.com, balita.definitelyfilipino.com, buzz.definitelyfilipino.com, buzz.definitelyfilipino.net; No About Us, no Contact Us.

Dugong Maharlika; dugongmaharlika.com, dutertenews.com.

Duterte News; dutertenews.com, du30news.net, www.dutertenewswatch.com.

Duterte News Blog; du30newsblog.blogspot.com

Duterte News Info; du30newsinfo.com; Contains fake articles and satirical news passed off as real. Publishes fake articles about Rodrigo Duterte’s critics.

Duterte Trending News; dutertetrending news.blogspot.com.

DW-TV3; dw-tv3.com; Imitates DW-TV. Now down.

Dyaryo; www.dyaryo.net.

Media ni Duterte; dutertedefender.com

Extreme Readers; extremereaders.com

FilipiNews PH; filipinewsph.net; “… does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information.” Now down.

FilipiNews; filipinews.info; Down.

Fox Channel; fox-channel.com; Imitates Fox News.

GMA TV; gma-tv.com; Imitates GMA 7. Now down.

GRPundit; grpshorts.blogspot.com.

Guard1an; theguard1an.com; No About Us, No Contact Us, Imitates The Guardian. Now down.

Hot News Philippines; hotnewsphil.blogspot.com.

I Am Filipino; www.iamfilipino.com.

International Latest Updates; internationallatestupdates.blogspot.com; Redirect from trendingnewsphfile.net.

Kalye Pinoy; kalyepinoy.com; Now down, under construction.

Leak News PH; www.leaknewsph.com.

Maharlika News; www.maharlikanews.com.

Minda Nation; mindanation.com

My News TV; mynewstv.newsgenic.com; Down.

Netizens PH; www.maharlikanews.com; Down.

News 8 Bureau; globalnews.favradio.fm.

News Feed Society; www.newsfeedsociety.tk.

Newsfile; newsfileph.com; Carried fake stories.

News Info Learn; newsinfolearn.com; “…does not make warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information.” Now down.

News Media PH; newsmediaph.com; No About Us.

News Titans; newstitans.com.

News Trend PH; newstrendph.com; Related to “DuterteMedia” Facebook page. No About Us, no Contact Us. Now down.

News TV; newstv.tulfonews.com; Down.

OKD2; okd2.com; Now redirects to thephpride.blogspot.com.

Philippine News Blog; ilikeyouquotes.blogspot.com.

Philippine News Courier; philnewscourier.blogspot.com.

Philippine News Portal; www.philnewsportal.com.

Philstar.i-telecast.com; philstar.i-telecast.com; Imitates The Philippine Star. Site down.

Pilipinas Online Updates; www.pilipinasonlineupdates.com; Takes some of its articles from Balitang Pinas. “… makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the content (of) this website or any sites linked to this site.”

Pilipinas Trending News; pilipinastrendingnews.blogspot.com; Currently blank.

Pinas News Portal; pinasnewsportal.blogspot.com.

Pinoy Article; pinoyarticle.com; Now down.

Pinoy Freedom Wall; pinoyfreedomwall.com.

Pinoy News Blogger; pinoynewsblogger.blogspot.com.

Pinoy News TV; pinoynewstv.com; Down.

Pinoy Pasikat; pinoypasikat.tk; Down.

Pinoy Speak; pinoyspeak.info; Posts satirical articles passed off as real news.

Pinoy Viral Issues; pinoyviralissues.net; Down.

Pinoy World; pinoyworld.net; Publishes articles from other fake news sites.

Public Trending; publictrending.net (down), publictrendingnews, pinoytrending.altervista.org; “…owner of blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of information on this site or found by following a link on this site.”

QWAZK; qwazk.blogspot.com.

Radio GTV; radiogtv.com; Down.

So Whats News; sowhatsnews.wordpress.com; Satirical news site. Connected to Facebook pages SNP—Social News Philippines and President Duterte Random Photos. “…does not give assurances as to the accuracy, completeness and currency of its content…” Now down.

Taho News; tahonews.com.

Tartey Viral; tartey.com; Contains articles from News Trend PH, which publishes fake news. No About Us, no Contact Us. “…makes no representations, warranties or assurances as to the accuracy or completeness of content.”

The News Feeder; thenewsfeeder.net.

The Philippine Politics; thephilippinepolitics.com; Down.

The T1mes; thet1mes.com; Imitates The Times.

The Volatilian; thevolatilian.com.

Thinking Pinoy; thinkingpinoynews.info; Opinion blog founded by RJ Nieto. Posted multiple fake news.

Today in Manila; todayinmanila.ga; No About Us, no Contac Us. Now down.

Today’s Broadcast; todaysbroadcast.net; Currently empty page.

Trending Balita; trendingbalita.info; Now down, under construction.

Trending News Portal; tnp.ph, trendingnewsportal.com, trendingnewsportal.net, trendingnewsportal.net.ph, trendingnewsportal.blogspot.com, trendingnewsportal-ph.blogspot.com, tnptoday; “…no representations, warranties xxx on the content…” Changed URLs multiple times.

Trending News Video; trendingnewsvideo.com; Down.

Trending Topics; trendingtopics.altervista.org; Suspended.

Trending Viral; trendingviral.tk; Now down.

TrendTitan; http://trendtitan.com; Down.

Tulfo News; tulfonews.com; Down.

Update.ph; update.ph.

Updater24; updater24.com; Posted several fake sites. Down.

Usa Radio; usa-radio.com.

Verified Philippines; verifiedph.blogspot.com.

Viral Portal; viralportal.ml.

XOLXOL; xolxol.ph.


(First published in the Philippine STAR of March 6, 2018) 

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