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January 2020
Jan 23Session in Batangas: El sitio nada importa
Jan 21Unintended effects of a Duterte US trip
Jan 19A yellow, not red, light to reclamation
Jan 16Taal victims want to feel the President
Jan 14Giving military color to OFW evacuation
Jan 12Must journalism, patriotism clash?
Jan 09How local officials defeat 3-term limit
Jan 07Evacuating OFWs a band-aid solution
Jan 05OFWs in Iraq told to be ready to move
Jan 02Duterte consistent in his inconsistency
December 2019
Dec 31Talk to NPA rebels on local grievances
Dec 29Du30 drops US visit as visa row heats up
Dec 26Would Duterte call Trump on visa ban?
Dec 24Ampatuan massacre a reminder for cops
Dec 22None beats a Pinoy, the eternal optimist
Dec 19World of EJKs, HR violators shrinking
Dec 17Updater on the US socio-political scene
Dec 15Addiction to ‘Kape’ takes toll on Duterte
Dec 12Palace redefining sanctity of contracts?
Dec 10Pitfalls of our being superficial readers
Dec 08Difficult repair job awaits China envoy
Dec 05Why pay for water, a free gift of nature?
November 2019
Nov 28How will Duterte dismount the tiger?
Nov 26The lion isn’t ready for a Leni in his den
Nov 24China, be reminded that trust is earned
Nov 19Robredo as ICAD chair now a threat
Nov 17Go juggles his time for Duterte, Senate
Nov 14Suppress vital info, reap the whirlwind
Nov 12How do you solve a problem like Leni?
Nov 102 heads are better? Not in this drug war
Nov 07Leni enters lion’s den, takes ICAD job
Nov 05Duterte needs rest, maybe a vacation
Nov 03Tax officials’ perks, not the lowly ‘tuyo’
October 2019
Oct 31MWCI gives side on water, sewerage
Oct 29Water firms’ failure in supply, sewerage
Oct 24Who’s next in line to Duterte in case…?
Oct 22‘Kill me if I don’t end crime in 6 months’
Oct 20BBM given chance for honorable exit
Oct 17SC aiding Marcos fishing expedition
Oct 15PET dilemma: Drop VP protest or not?
Oct 13Panelo now kinder to lowly jeepneys?
Oct 10Overlooked issues in VP poll dispute
Oct 08Grant Du30 traffic emergency powers
Oct 06The people can act as jury in PET case
Oct 03It’s 8-6 for Marcos in PET first round
Oct 01Water everywhere, and it’s just wasted
September 2019
Sept 29Winnow PR chaff from SC/PET grain
Sept 26Be not too proud, and not fall too hard
Sept 24Not using PET rule will set precedent
Sept 22My being ‘ninong’ of a Bilibid ex-con
Sept 19Report: Bongbong lost in PET recount
Sept 17Arbitral Ruling: The ace Duterte wasted
Sept 15VP election protest an endurance test
Sept 12Give Duterte traffic emergency powers?
Sept 10Unfair to prisoners who behave in jail
Sept 08It’s time to rethink Du30’s China policy
Sept 05Bilibid or not, cash gifts can unlock jails
Sept 03How Du30 invoked PCA arbitral ruling
Sept 01PCA arbitral ruling consigned to limbo
August 2019
Aug 29Recalling morality in Magsaysay gov’t
Aug 27Bring back ROTC, but reform it first
Aug 25Duterte needs full support on Xi talks
Aug 22On Duterte's gospel of relative morality
Aug 20Wider consultation needed for Xi talks
Aug 18Clark airport placed under private group
Aug 15Poor to suffer most with death penalty
Aug 13Duterte: It’s only a gift, not a bribe
Aug 11Duterte can lower target in China talks
Aug 08Duterte, Xi to plug holes in fishing deal?
Aug 06Bishops on sedition charges: Let’s pray!
Aug 04Phl wi-fi: Slow, but deep penetrating
Aug 01Maternity benefits affect hiring policy
July 2019
July 30New ‘Nayon’ park opens soon at Clark
July 28Disclose Duterte-Xi fishing deal details
July 25Du30 saying China ‘owns’ WPS isles?
July 23‘Ibon’ data balance Du30 admin claims
July 21Livelihood issues top SONA interest
July 18Phl, US dialogue on regional security
July 16US backing Duterte in his war on drugs?
July 14Locsin on UNHRC human rights reso
July 1180% rating boosts Duterte’s control
July 09Duterte last card: War or martial law?
July 04Gov’t must ensure integrity of condos
July 02Deft, patriotic hand needed in WPS row
June 2019
June 30Risky rebars used in high-rise condos
June 27Fil-Viet friendship in war and at sea
June 23Joint probe: Height of servility to China
June 20Has our President been compromised?
June 18‘Order ni Misis’: No meeting with Du30
June 16Duterte-Xi ties face test in hit-run issue
June 13Call for patriotism, not independence
June 11Massive protest rocks Hong Kong
June 09Just ask Du30 who should be Speaker
June 06Fond sendoff for 6 outgoing senators
June 04‘Duterte live’ wows ‘em in Tokyo forum
June 02Opening windows in darkened rooms
May 2019
May 30Manila has friends other than Beijing
May 28Inform the people, they’ll understand
May 26Pope to our Ambo: Continue, courage!
May 23Suppress vital info, reap the whirlwind
May 21Proclamation today: Du30 proof-of-life
May 19Political war fatigue to dampen protests
May 16Duterte won fresh vote of confidence?
May 12Voters all set, but is Comelec ready?
May 09Our choices for 12 senators, and why
May 07Shaddai’s 14 bets split Catholic vote
May 05Press Freedom-- Buhay pa ba yan?
May 02It’s a referendum on Duterte regime
April 2019
April 30What happened to Marawi funds?
April 28Du30 ‘pasalubong’ can calm concerns?
April 25PCOO preaches honest reporting!
April 23Duterte is under the gun in Xi talks
April 21Time for Catholics to cast protest vote
April 18Maundy Thursday: Humility, healing
April 16The Hague decision hangs over Duterte
April 14Will Locsin’s tough talk vs China work?
April 11China’s swarming: ‘Cabbage strategy’
April 09Keep Rody talking, baring his agenda
April 07Regional geopolitics or just local politics?
April 04AFP must protect Pinoy fishers, but…
April 02China issues could hurt Duterte’s bets
March 2019
March 31Facebook deletes DDS fake pages
March 28Secret loan terms fan ‘debt trap’ fears
March 26Patrimonial assets hocked to China!
March 24Duterte, Misuari won’t ‘die together’
March 21Duterte to escape ICC examination?
March 19Most dangerous country to live in?
March 17Whom to believe: Duterte or Panelo?
March 14MDT can’t be used to recover Panatag
March 12Replace Rockwell bridge, worry later?
March 10Issue is Imee’s lie, not lack of degree
March 07Pocholo Romualdez: My mentor, editor
March 05Ask soldiers if they prefer US weapons
March 03MDT’s usefulness is in its vagueness?
February 2019
Feb 28Rody must enforce the law on Chinese
Feb 26Just the waves, or a tsunami coming?
Feb 21Deny activist studes state scholarships?
Feb 19Sara could succeed her dad as president
Feb 17Bets must first OK their campaign ads
Feb 14Scarce BIR forms being sold at RDOs?
Feb 12Razon nod awaited on Hanjin takeover
Feb 10ITR rules changed; better prepare early
Feb 07Pushing Manila Bay to its final sunset
Feb 05Duterte being held hostage by Beijing?
Feb 03Battle royal looms over mogul’s estate
January 2019
Jan 31We sow violence, we'll all pay for it
Jan 29Reviving idle nuclear plant a flawed idea?
Jan 27Mistrust of China getting in the way
Jan 24Offenders aged 9 won’t end up in jail
Jan 22Duterte urged to add nuclear energy mix
Jan 20Bam: ‘Fight when hit hard, don’t quit’
Jan 17Phl: Asia’s surprise turnaround story?
Jan 15Hanjin: Balancing security, economy
Jan 13Duterte’s problem of communication
Jan 10Give us a president, not a standup comic
Jan 08Duterte campaigns for his favorite trio
Jan 06Puno vs GMA draft of federal charter
Jan 03Draft charters favor Duterte staying on
Jan 01Rody wants to see Church on its knees?

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