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Giving land to aliens while neglecting agrarian reform

PEASANTS have a valid question when they ask why President Estrada wants to give land and natural resources to moneyed foreigners when agrarian reform for landless tillers is not being carried out in earnest.

Indeed, why give vast tracts to Erap’s foreigner friends when thousands of poor Filipinos are still waiting for the small patch of land promised them under agrarian reform?

Why is the priority of President Estrada, who claims to be for the poor, skewed in favor of rich aliens? Why is the government reluctant to carry out agrarian reform in the context of social justice?

* * *

WHILE the poor are being told that there is not enough money to meet their basic needs, President Estrada is set to waste at least P500 million pushing another hopeless cause – the amendment of the Constitution under the pretext of “correcting” it.

The President knows in his heart that his plot to tamper with the Charter to allow aliens to own land and operate media and public utilities is a hopeless venture. The people have seen through the scheme and will reject it.

So why is Erap Estrada still pushing charter amendments and starting to spend at least half a billion pesos for propaganda?

Actually Erap is just inventing an excuse for not being able to deliver on his many extravagant promises to the masses. His promises require billions that the government does not have.

When the charter amendments are defeated, as expected, Erap will just say, “Kasi kayo… No foreign investors, no money… no money, no honey. Sorry!”

* * *

IMAGINE, this poor nation throwing away P500 million just to enable Erap Estrada to put up an excuse for his failure to deliver on his promises to the expectant masses!

Note that the propagandists smacking their lips in anticipation of millions in supposed information expenses also know that they will surely fail in their “Concord,” or whatever they call their presumptuous “correction” of the charter.

Again, we ask why they are pushing the hopeless amendments? Simple… if there is no information campaign, how will they make their dirty millions?

It’s similar to a shady lawyer’s advising his client to go to town and sue — even if the case is a hopeless legal exercise. How else will the lawyer, or the propagandists in the case of Erap, make money nga naman?

* * *

WITH the water-powered car of Daniel D. Dingel crowding our email box, we toss another question to experts on car engines. Dingel told us some time back that a car runs better without the air filter/cleaner installed by manufacturers.

He said the air filter just adds to the cost of the car, gets in the way, and shortens the life of the engine.

Can we please hear from the experts, preferably via email so we can copy/paste their text easily? Our tired typing fingers, all four of them, need some rest.

Dingel explained that the ideal air-fuel ratio in cars is around 15 to 1. The filter restricts the flow of air and reduces the ratio to something like 8 to 1, he says, adding that removing the filter will allow the engine to “breathe” more properly.

* * *

BUT isn’t the air filter supposed to keep out dirt and other unwanted objects like dry leaves, insects, dust and other debris? Dingel said the filter itself, made of fibrous synthetic material, flings its own fibers into the engine’s chamber.

Don’t worry about a little dirt, he said, because this is instantly burned as it enters the combustion chamber. Right after being incinerated, the dirt is immediately sucked out with the exhaust without a chance of its getting deeper into the engine to inflict any damage.

We’ve noticed that vehicles with their filters removed, especially those cars treated with his ElectroMagnetic Fluid (EMF), turn into power machines that surge with only a gentle tap on the accelerator.

Now shall we please hear from the other experts?

* * *

WE just received from the States some technical literature, including detailed schematic diagrams, list of materials, and step-by-step clear instructions on how to fabricate a hydrogen-producing reactor specifically designed for installation with a car engine.

It looks similar in design to that of Dingel, although the configuration is different.

The materials include instructions on how the gadget and its accessories are to be mounted on the car. It calls for the installation of a plastic water tank in place of the gasoline tank and a pump to move the water to the reactor.

It also includes carbon filters for the water, dashboard gauges and provisions for collecting the water byproduct of the combustion and sending it back for reuse. The piping is generally stainless steel to go around the corrosive effects of water on most metals.

The theories and the laboratory experiments on the production of hydrogen fuel from water are not new. But this is the first time I am face to face with actual schematic diagrams and detailed explanations.

It seems from the materials that anybody who has the experience and the tools can make the reactor and install it in a car. There is a warning, though, that hydrogen is explosive.

* * *

THE news that Dingel has rejected our proposal for a supervised 1,000-km test run disappointed a large number of readers who were hoping that the breakthrough would lead to motor vehicles using nothing but water instead of gasoline.

There is also the exciting possibility of Filipinos finally being able to pay off all the Shylocks of the world who have enslaved the Philippines. Dingle promised to use royalties from his invention, expected go run into billions of dollars, to pay off our foreign debt.

Not a few were itching forsweet revenge on the OPEC and the rest of the world oil cartel once there is a shift to water.

All that, of course, is like a fantasy at this point since none of us, except Dingel, knows the actual score on the Dingelizer.

* * *

READER Joseph Dumon of Pandacan almost spoke for the many disappointed Dingel watchers when he said in an email:

“I could only imagine public response to this invention, especially since the price of fuel has been continually on the rise! Mr. Dingel would surely be a recipient of the much-coveted Nobel Prize and would be ranked among the great Einstein, Bell and others. His invention would dramatically change not only the way of lives of Filipinos but of the whole world.

“Why then, wouldn’t he allow his invention to be subjected to a test? I am not doubting the integrity of his invention. I am just one of the many car-owners who are tired of lining up for high-priced fuel. I will be one of those who will hail Mr. Dingel every time we put water into our cars, if and when the time comes!

The only way to get support for it is by proving that the invention exists. Invite the public to the testing! Air it on TV! Broadcast it on radio!

* * *

(First published in the Philippine STAR of November 4, 1999)

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