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ABS-CBN apologizes for false report on me

ERRATUM: Ricky Carandang of ABS-CBN apologized to me yesterday for his false report on “TV Patrol” last Friday that I – maliciously tagged as one of the media defenders of the Arroyo administration — had been given a midnight appointment as director of the Philippine National Oil Co.

He promised to make a retraction in last night’s show stressing that I was never rewarded with a directorship in any state firm and, more importantly, that I was never an apologist of the Arroyo administration.

Ricky invited me to make a statement on camera, but I declined. I said there was no need for such drama. After all, he sounded sincere enough in seeking me out to apologize.

My problem now is that, most likely, many of my readers missed the promised “TV Patrol” erratum and apology since many of them think the news program is trash and they do not bother to watch it.

* * *

FEEDBACK: I was amazed at readers’ agitated reaction to the “TV Patrol” demolition report on me and my rejoinder (“My being PNOC director: Another Lopez ‘kuryente’”) last Sunday. Samples:

Mila A: Glad to know you are not the same Federico Pascual (appointed to PNOC board). Medyo disappointed ako sa iyo when I saw the report last Friday because you are one of the few journalists that I respect.

Annette B. Favila: Your column today is a “must read.” I wonder where those journalists of ABS-CBN were trained and honed. They harp on their “ako ang simula”… eh dapat lang matagal na silang nagsimula na tama. Humility is something they have lost.

* * *

TARSIER: It’s really pathetic the style of ABS-CBN rendering service to the public. This “kuryente” incident only confirms what others complain about this media outfit. I agree that ABS-CBN not only destroyed GMA but also the country. My sympathies to Mr. Pascual as another collateral victim of this channel.

Rosalie Tiu: It seems na wala ng ibang agenda ang Channel 2 kundi ang ipakita sa buong mundo ang kamalian ng ating gobyerno at hindi ang economic gains tulad ng infra na isa sa pinakaimportante sa economic growth, at ginagamit nila si GMA para sa sariling interest nila. Tulad ng sinabi nyo sa column nyo, ang ating bayan ang nasisira sa paningin ng ibang bansa. Kung hindi nila mailabas ang Federico Pascual na sinasabi nila, idemanda nyo at iboycott ang Channel 2.

Aymi Jonas: Totally agree with you, sir. We should declare war against these lapdogs of ABS-CBN, and against the Lopezes too — the kingmakers.

* * *

MAINGEL: Although my subscription to TFC is still valid, I’ve stopped watching it and definitely will not renew. I feel I am not growing as a person by watching their programs — simply trash! I was optimistic when Maria Rizza was brought in to head their current affairs but probably she was overwhelmed by unprofessional work force or she may have been eaten by a rotten system.

Jojo Briones-Cruz: It’s good to learn na hindi po kayo yung sinasabing inappoint  sa PNOC. At first, naniwala po ako sa report ng TFC (The Filipino Channel) and I was somewhat disappointed with you. I was a former media  person who migrated here in Winnipeg, Canada, last Feb. 2, 2010. I was also puzzled by their report na defender kayo ng Arroyo administration kasi I never read  in your columns na dinedepensa nyo ang corrupt government ni Gloria. In fact panay nga ang banat nyo. 

Kuroihikari: Both TV Patrol and 24 Oras are tabloid-style news programs. They don’t fact-check and they rely on sensationalism to sell their reports (and man, Mike Enriquez’s voice is annoying). Just look at the amount of time they spend on promoting their network and talking about their stars.

* * *

TOTOPEN: I saw a TFC telecast one day while visiting a friend and I could not believe the garbage that I saw. It just made me wonder why Filipinos overseas still subscribe to that mindless TFC. If that is a sample of Filipino TV programming, what hope have we got in uplifting the people’s source of views and information.

Xoxoxox: Ang tawag yata sa ginagawa ng ABS-CBN ay spinning and not so much news reporting. Someday, yang ginagawa nilang paninira e babalik din sa kanila. The institution may feel so powerful these days, but the arrogance of its owners and staff will eventually bring it down.

Crazybutsensible@yah: ABS-CBN started “tabloid style” newscasting via Noli de Castro simply because their target market was the masa. ABS-CBN knew that the only people they can fool are those who are “mababaw ang pag-iisip at madaling maloko” —  and it worked. These are the people who are asking for change, but look at the politicians they voted to the Senate, the Congress and local posts.

* * *

MIKVITAL: Instead of finding comfort in the living room, you’ll find yourself agitated, stressed and negative after watching ABS-CBN shows. If you see bias in their reporting, how much more when you read or hear the world news controlled by the Jews.

Cang-ipos: They are making a lot of money out of our miseries. They spread hatred and hopelessness to divide this country and devour its wealth to satisfy their greed. I wish Noynoy could deliver tangible change, but his background, the people behind him and the style of politics they employed during the last election make me less optimistic. I hope I am totally wrong.

Lolo maning: Watching ABS-CBN and its sister channels is a hell. They report all the garbage of the country but do not give a bit of sound on the good ones. It’s obvious that people at ABS-CBN believe that Filipinos are that dumb.

* * *

(First published in the Philippine STAR of June 8, 2010)

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