Photo Credits

dinagyang-festival-iloilo_33941_600x450PHOTOGRAPH BY ZERNAN GOLEZ
Dinagyang Festival, Iloilo

“Taken from Iloilo, Philippines. This is a festival called Dinagyang, which is celebrated every third week of January. Ati warriors wear colorful costumes and dance to the beat of the drums. It is held to honor the Santo Niño (Baby Jesus) and to celebrate the arrival of Malay settlers. There are a number of tribes performing in the streets. Each tribe is made up of Ati members who are painted black or brown to represent the original Ati people.”

viray-festival-in-santa-ana-cagayan_33972_600x450-1PHOTOGRAPH BY NICKY SERING

Viray Festival in Santa Ana, Cagayan

“Lanterns set out during the Viray Festival in Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines.”

Mount Mayon
“Mount Mayon, one of the many active volcanoes in the Philippines, has always been a favorite among Filipinos because of its perfect cone. As the year 2009 was about to end, she started to act up. We decided to drive south from Manila to the province of Bicol, where Mount Mayon resides, to be able to capture the anger of the beautiful Mayon.”
camiguin-island-cemetery_33969_600x450PHOTOGRAPH BY RODEL ALCANTARA

Camiguin Island Cemetery

“The sunken cemetery of Camiguin Island, Philippines.”

amusement-park-manila_33968_600x450PHOTOGRAPH BY ARNEL TEH

Amusement Park, Manila

“Photo taken at Enchanted Kingdom, Manila, Philippines.”

bicyclist-candaba_33973_600x450PHOTOGRAPH BY ALLAN BARREDO

Bicyclist, Candaba

“In the wetlands and migratory bird sanctuary of Candaba, Philippines, a farmer is on his way home. There is no public transportation going to and from the place, so most folks either walk or ride a bike.”

coron-palawan_33957_600x450PHOTOGRAPH BY HAYZEL PALOMAR

Coron, Palawan

“This is one of my shots from my last vacation. The place is Coron, Palawan, Philippines. While on top of a hill, I took this shot of a boat in the very beautiful and clear waters of Coron.”