1998 Postscripts

December 1998
Dec 29Bribe of the season: P100,000 from Erap
Dec 24The King and the Child
Dec 17Impeachment in RP also a partisan game
Dec 104,000 tons of gold, $100-B in business
Dec 03Manila papers’ rivalry spills over to front pages
November 1998
Nov 26How Ver became AFP chief of staff
Nov 24Free political advice from Erap to Gore
Nov 19Estrada wins points for a US pilgrimage
Nov 12How Big Brother Bill watches Internet users
Nov 05Why we still import rice and sugar yearly
October 1998
Oct 22Latest Estrada joke: Erap a world leader
Oct 15Erap wows world economic summit
Oct 08Secret of Imelda’s acquittal was money
Oct 01300,000 H1B visas for Pinoys, other aliens
September 1998
Sept 24Don’t worry, PAL will fly again soon
Sept 17Estrada to make 3 trips abroad before yearend
Sept 03Where are the jobs promised by Erap?
August 1998
Aug 27Letter ‘s’ gives Erap, aides a little trouble
Aug 20Door opened for Ver; trial, pardon to follow?
Aug 13Erap reels from daily barrage of ‘Inquirer’
Aug 06US hardsell can hurt ratification of VFA
July 1998
July 30Erap must keep pork barrel or face revolt
July 23The judge, not only law, must also be on your side
July 16Erap’s headache: gov’t is bankrupt
July 09Will Erap kiss ass of elite and media?
July 02Estrada to masses: We made it! Now, let’s do it!
June 1998
June 25Surveys show majority favors Marcos burial
June 18Erap flaunts mandate, insists on honoring FM
June 11Tan to close PAL? Erap cans Gordon
June 04Erap may just realign, or rename pork barrel
May 1998
May 28Maytime, rains, Erap: Some refreshing change
May 21As Erap senior adviser, is Ramos now rap-free?
May 12Coming soon: Victory for Estrada, Macapagal
May 07If Erap wins, but can’t last 6 years?
April 1998
Apr 30What happens if there is failure of elections?
Apr 16Erap is more popular? JdV will win anyway
Apr 09Coming for centennial? Don’t miss Clark expo
Apr 02Fish caught when they open their big mouths
March 1998
Mar 26Bill downgrades Eddie; Erap peaked too early?
Mar 19FVR paid $625/month; Ming earns more at IS
Mar 12Big bucks = big scandals in giant gov’t projects
Mar 05Crowds squeal with glee over Cory-Fred ‘love team’
February 1998
Feb 26God the Father descends on riotous Comelec hearing
Feb 19P11B refund, rate rollback shock Meralco monopoly
Feb 12Precious Ming turns out to be cracked porcelain?
Feb 05Erap still leads the pack; SanMig to cost 9% more
January 1998
Jan 29Erap still leads the pack; SanMig to cost 9% more
Jan 22Dismal options of RP voters: A trapo, gago or a berdugo?
Jan 15Your 24 cents can win P120M in RP megalotto
Jan 01Scary dark clouds ahead; Crisis bad for De Venecia

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