2000 Postscripts

December 2000
Dec 31Laquian to Postscript: I didn’t talk to Zamora!
Dec 28Here are some Santa clues on identity of Jose Velarde
Dec 26Join our new survey on best exit for Erap
Dec 24Proof of Estrada guilt a timely Christmas gift
Dec 19Delay tactic on Valhalla enables thief to get away
Dec 17Senators must decide if they are only judges
Dec 14Suddenly, Erap needs Abu Sayyaf to clear him
Dec 12Only a Spiegel retraction can clear Erap on ransom
Dec 10First-day fumbling dogs prosecutors in Erap trial
Dec 07Erap may get belated Xmas gift of acquittal?
Dec 05Erap disowns mansions, but protects them. Why?
Dec 03Do Ayala matrons eat with their maids, drivers?
November 2000
Nov 30It’s high time the Church cracked down on Velarde
Nov 28We’re getting saturated with impeachment talk
Nov 26Davide a decorative, deodorizing fixture?
Nov 23Now, Erap and cronies to face raps on Mimosa
Nov 21Erap sneaking out coco levy funds for Danding?
Nov 19How senators are likely to vote on impeachment
Nov 16A senator has 2 minutes each day to grill Estrada
Nov 14Villar, like Sin and Erap, knows how to use prayer
Nov 12And God said: ‘Ang gugulo naman ninyo!’
Nov 09Check here if your solon signed for impeachment
Nov 07Opportunists sneaking onto GMA’s wagon?
Nov 05Afraid to go? Erap can try 7-11 option of Cory
Nov 02Lim won’t find Erap’s name on the land titles
October 2000
Oct 31Babae sa kangkungan: Sandali ng pagtutuos!
Oct 29If Erap has no solution by Xmas, he’s a goner
Oct 26Only 2 actor-senators left for Erap’s impeachment?
Oct 24If he’s innocent, Erap should open all records
Oct 22Opposition actually fell into impeachment trap?
Oct 19Not only Erap, but all of us are on trial
Oct 17Who do we save: Erap or this bleeding nation?
Oct 15Privatize Pagcor? What if another crony gets it?
Oct 12A silent Erap is losing jueteng war by default
Oct 10Perception, not evidence, to determine Erap’s guilt
Oct 08Jueteng sets the moral level of Erap leadership
Oct 05Where’s our Dingel? BMW has hydrocars!
Oct 03We favor Ping’s stealth to military’s open assault
Oct 01He who has no luxury car casts the first stone
September 2000
Sept 28Cheaper fuel available; no need for price hike
Sept 26FilAm couple victim of US police brutality
Sept 24Estrada hurting, needs an excuse to end the war?
Sept 21Were hostages rescued or did they just escape?
Sept 19Expect Malaysia to give haven to fleeing terrorists
Sept 1728% of fuel price goes to gov’t; 3% to oil firms
Sept 14Coming soon: Abus will slip thru cordon
Sept 12What this country needs is a president
Sept 07Erap finds solution to rising fuel prices!
Sept 05We’re not that helpless against fuel price hikes
Sept 03Send in Ping Lacson backed by US logistics
August 2000
Aug 31US now has an excuse to take on Abu Sayyaf
Aug 29Ban on alien ownership of media is anachronistic
Aug 27Eraps gets same results by romancing the press
Aug 24Settlement: An indecent proposal on Marcos loot
Aug 22LRT system flaws are enough to kill it?
Aug 20If there is Balagtas, we have our Crissot!
Aug 17Rating-conscious Erap might escalate the war!
Aug 15Online casino? Try it first before commenting
Aug 13Bridgestone recalls 6.5-M defective tires
Aug 10Is your congressman for OilEx, cheap gas?
Aug 08Bill Gates didn’t have the PCs Erap came for
Aug 06Memo to solons: You’re lawmakers, not diplomats
Aug 03If we deny voting rights to squatters, tax-evaders?
Aug 01Lito, Fred and Imelda to slug it out in Manila
July 2000
July 30The conservationist side on jai alai issue
July 27Fairness didn’t save TV team from kidnappers
July 25What, jai-alai fronton is an architectural gem?
July 23Massive dollar needs of US trip hurting peso?
July 20Obsession of PNCC is money, not service
July 18And now, here comes an air-powered vehicle!
July 16Will Erap please define his stand on OilEx bill?
July 13If only Petron would regain its conscience!
July 11The compelling reasons for capturing Abubakar
July 09Dingel’s water-powered car offered for AFP use
July 06Why Erap feels helpless against fuel price increase
July 04Try these questions on gasoline price hike
July 02Misuari and MILF better start praying!
June 2000
June 29Fire Misuari before he turns traitor to RP cause
June 27Why is Puno hiding Erap from the press?
June 25Not all those languishing on Death Row are guilty
June 22Oil sold at $26 now is same $10 oil last year
June 20Press Sabah claim, instead of opening consulate there
June 18Lowest bidder in P4.8B Batangas port cries foul
June 15Buy PAL for $800M, with AirPhil thrown in!
June 13Any school wants free PCs run by Pentiums?
June 11Why OilEx hold on fuel market has to be total
June 08The cross that road users carry is getting heavier
June 06Juvenile journalism fans religious conflict
June 04PNCC just interested in collecting toll fees?
June 01A chance for PNCC to do something great
May 2000
May 30Expressway potential for educating citizens
May 28Nene must make a stand on Jinggoy’s ambulances
May 25Jinggoy uses ambulances for personal advertising
May 23LuvBug aside, demand for Pinoy techies rising
May 21Poor German hostage tagged as a prostitute!
May 18Proof of OilEx pudding is at the gas station pump
May 16Who'll protect students from overreaching FBI?
May 14OilEx proponents scared of compromise formula?
May 11Erap, fuel consumers look for golden mean
May 09How a virus packaged as a love note fooled us
May 07Terrorism, PC virus place Philippines on world map
May 04Petron accepts compromise formula, is ready for OilEx
May 02Is Garcia willing to pit his OilEx against Big 3?
April 2000
Apr 30We offer a compromise between Big 3 and OilEx
Apr 27Gas prices in US have dropped, but not in RP
Apr 25Coming soon: The Great Escape of Abu Sayyaf!
Apr 23Easter truth: You never walked alone, or will ever
Apr 20We favor partial news blackout on Abu Sayyaf
Apr 18Governor set to corner P2.5-B tobacco fund?
Apr 1658% in survey want OilEx for cheaper gas
Apr 13Robin just a face-saving device for Sayyaf retreat
Apr 11People can see though rigged opinion surveys
Apr 0985% of readers doubt positive rating of Erap
Apr 06Latest Erap poll survey report: Type I or Type O?
Apr 04Gov’t protects alien oil firms, but not RP farmers
Apr 02Despite setbacks, Erap can finish term in 2004
March 2000
Mar 30As in oil, alien cartel hikes price of cement
Mar 28Erap better leave SEC alone for it to succeed
Mar 26Laquian, a Canadian, divulges state secrets!
Mar 23Stop rebels before they gain territory, recognition
Mar 21Pray for PCSO graces through the Holy Trinity
Mar 19Suddenly we realize: We need a President!
Mar 16Alien biopirates patent stolen RP wonder cures
Mar 14Win the Sweepstakes without buying a ticket!
Mar 12Even without Erap, oil price hike was to be cut
Mar 09Market can’t be saved just by changing Yasay
Mar 07In this country, it’s a crime to be jobless and look poor
Mar 05Why is Estrada acting as Marcoses’ guardian angel?
Mar 02How not to read (some) headlines of RP papers
February 2000
Feb 29Forbes’ rezoning isn’t about trees, but growth
Feb 27A P400M shopping mall at the Luneta? It’s crazy!
Feb 24Marcoses buying back respectability for $150M
Feb 22Will you send your aging mother to Golden Acres?
Feb 20You’re what you eat, not what pills you pop
Feb 17How Tan suddenly won majority control of PNB
Feb 15Millennium Bug can’t survive EDSA pollution
Feb 13A 21-week-old fetus reaches out from womb
Feb 10Cutting out pork barrel from budget, made easy
Feb 08Military has the reason, resources to help Manero
Feb 06How Erap gave out ‘parol’ for Christmas
Feb 03Drunkenness: Mitigating, extenuating or aggravating?
Feb 01Ho’s problems are reducible to money
January 2000
Jan 30Why Tan is actually also a victim in BW scandal
Jan 27Why are oil firms afraid to join worldwide bidding?
Jan 25OilEx proposal holding back oil price increases?
Jan 23Erap dashes political dreams of stars, kin?
Jan 20Will Lim also spray-paint mansions of drug lords?
Jan 18It's actually gov't plotting the downfall of the press
Jan 16Crocs at budget office bite 5% off contractors
Jan 13The yoyo says: Concord still alive, OilEx hangs!
Jan 11Erap bats for OilEx to lower prices of fuel
Jan 09Espiritu, Lichauco exit a case of perfect timing
Jan 06Come, let your opinion be counted in Erap poll
Jan 04Why Erap's popularity keeps dropping in polls
Jan 02Solutions are obvious; will Erap adopt them?

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