2013 Postscripts

December 2013
Dec 31No choice for Filipinos but optimism for 2014
Dec 29Unfair to stop PDAF yet allow Palace pork
Dec 26Trust singing to unite, resurrect the Visayas
Dec 24High-stakes SC fight rages on P-Noy pork
Dec 22With Mar out, Ping is the man to watch
Dec 19PH-US ‘access’ talks: Lose some, win some
Dec 17Allow US access with conditions
Dec 15Not convicted, GMA presumed innocent
Dec 12When his boys blame the Boss as hard to sell…
Dec 10MILF moves closer to statehood in talks
Dec 08Hefty power rate hike at this time is sadistic
Dec 05Miriam attack on JPE sad waste of privilege
Dec 03Ping as ‘rehab czar’ needs job definition
Dec 01Biazon raps may just fall on GMA ally’s lap
November 2013
Nov 28Pacquiao latest victim of hold-order mindset
Nov 26Why must Palace have a virtual second budget?
Nov 24China sends Yolanda aid, giant 'Peace Ark'
Nov 21With PDAF’s voiding, is PNoy’s DAP next?
Nov 19Fudging of casualty figures unfortunate
Nov 17Cooper said nothing new on post-Yolanda
Nov 14Conflicting views, clashing priorities
Nov 12Need to break down rehab to lowest level
Nov 10Politics aside, Visayas needs fast, massive aid
Nov 07Napoles can control Senate hearing today
Nov 05It’s back to the scene of the crime for Drilon
Nov 03At issue is DAP pork, not Noy being a thief
October 2013
Oct 31Aquino reiterates firm stand on pork
Oct 29Balance between food security and sufficiency
Oct 27Ping, Kiko no longer keen on joining Noy
Oct 24Not true solons given 2 hours to read budget
Oct 22Sabah claim alive? Its bones are in Noy closet
Oct 20Why’s Noy hesitating to join quake victims?
Oct 17Change rules on pork, or change Noy instead?
Oct 15P-Noy to rise or fall on presidential pork
Oct 13A modern port rises at old North Harbor
Oct 10Ma'am Arlene meddles in judges' confab-polls
Oct 08System and people change requires time
Oct 06Plunder raps meant only for shock effect?
Oct 03It’s still bribe whether before or after the deed
Oct 01Noy must reject his pork to quell unrest
September 2013
Sept 29The corrupt probing their fellow corrupt?
Sept 26Jinggoy in new role: Senate whistleblower
Sept 24Where has the pork of Batanes’ Abad gone?
Sept 22Noy can leave Zambo fighting to his generals
Sept 19Malacañang didn’t see MNLF uprising coming?
Sept 17Filing of plunder cases starts cleansing process
Sept 15Pork plunder impossible sans Executive collusion
Sept 12‘Edsa Tayo’ turned out to be ‘kanya-kanya na’
Sept 10Is EDSA about PDAF, Palace pork, or both?
Sept 08Noy faces test in likely suspension of senators
Sept 05Are Phl, US colluding to flout Constitution?
Sept 03TanDem bares pattern of ‘polls-to-pork’ abuse
Sept 01To Noy, solons: Drop pork simultaneously!
August 2013
Aug 29Follow-up to Luneta: September on EDSA?
Aug 27After Luneta, what? Will Noy ever listen?
Aug 25P-Noy hijacking protest rally against pork barrel
Aug 22That day they took Ninoy away from us
Aug 20It’s high time People marched against Pork
Aug 18Excessive pork causes hair loss and coughing!
Aug 15Aquino-Li dialog can restart good relations
Aug 13In talks with Phl, US will get what it wants
Aug 11Televised traffic talks on crowded city street
Aug 08‘Alcaraz’ reminds us of the Commodore
Aug 06Bataan nuclear power plant: Reopen it or not?
Aug 04SC finally settles Philcomsat feud
Aug 01Noy learning fairness in Ballsy’s public trial?
July 2013
July 30Why is Greenpeace mad at Phl policies?
July 28Scamdinavia: How’s that as new Phl name?
July 25Post-SONA question: Where’s Noy taking us?
July 23To the masses, true SONA is in the guts
July 21Has Noy a solution to Luisita problem?
July 18MWSS is on whose side on water rates question?
July 16Wealth-sharing deal a rush job for SONA?
July 14Comelec given P30M to clean up poll mess?
July 11Admin turns deaf ear to oil price hike gripes
July 09Palace-MILF talks: Whistling in the dark
July 07Fast decision needed on NAIA-Clark tie-up
July 04US not ready to call China an aggressor
July 02Nat’l Reconciliation timely SONA theme
June 2013
June 30Ballsy just a victim in Czech extort tale?
June 27Water is a free gift of Mother Nature
June 25Flooding hopeless; traffic manageable
June 23Will GIs dare sail closer to Panatag?
June 20Upland and barangay views on trash, floods
June 18Correction of errors delaying MILF talks?
June 16Rising power cost a generation issue
June 13OFWs: The steadiest light in overcast skies
June 11Too early for Roxas to clear Ayala Land
June 09Swallow pride, seek US help in China row
June 06NBI: Sultan inciting war against Malaysia
June 04How China’s ‘cabbage strategy’ kept out Phl
June 02Tax-free fuel rights of locators nullified
May 2013
May 30Cyber-hacking worse than Chinese bullying?
May 28Comelec operators outsmarting critics
May 2647th SM mall caught in Taguig-BCDA feud
May 23Loss of face added to loss of territory
May 21Customs, NFA, SSS need better managers
May 19Aquino faces acid test in China, Taiwan rows
May 16Grace Poe slips past Top Three of surveys
May 14Where’s polls-driven ‘prosperity’ of 2013?
May 12Tomorrow, let’s junk dynastic candidates!
May 09Better to count, tally votes as they are cast
May 07Jail SSS crooks first; raise premiums later
May 05Why is Biazon staying amid smuggling spree?
May 02$3-B slush account for Sabah exposed
April 2013
Apr 30SMC out on a limb in P11-B NAIAX bid?
Apr 28Source Code review vital to poll integrity
Apr 25Despite critical noise, May elections to go on
Apr 23Bigger crowds flocking to UNA than LP rallies
Apr 21What is Uncle Sam asking Noynoy to do?
Apr 18Brillantes not worried about election failure?
Apr 16Customers complain against unfair telcos
Apr 14Revise telcos’ unfair pretermination rule
Apr 11Cedula tax is a case of double taxation?
Apr 09Free-for-all looms for Party-List seats
Apr 07Ethanol makes fuel cleaner, but costlier?
Apr 04Using ethanol blend as fuel a good idea?
March 2013
Mar 24178 dynasties rule 72 of 80 provinces
Mar 21A tale of two TROs: RH, yes; RTV ads, no
Mar 19Goodbye to Sabah and PNoy dreams?
Mar 17College studes’ bigger challenge is economics
Mar 14Guilt by association, now gain by kinship?
Mar 12Feeling heat in Sabah, Kirams now talk peace
Mar 10How come there’s not a peep from the MILF?
Mar 07From Sabah, change subject to Atimonan
Mar 05Sultan harassed both in Sabah and Manila
Mar 03PNoy joke time: GMA behind Sabah standoff
February 2013
Feb 28Under Aquino admin, going home is a crime?
Feb 26HR violations law: Milestone/millstone
Feb 24If Malaysia offers to raise Sabah rent?
Feb 21If Sabah is Malaysia’s, why is it paying rent?
Feb 19Chiz, Grace, Loren: Politics is addition
Feb 17How PCOS makes winners out of losers
Feb 14Better ready Plan B for manual elections
Feb 12Comelec should stop pretending it’s ready
Feb 10Brillantes must banish fears, face poll gremlins
Feb 07Childish taunts won’t correct PCOS defects
Feb 05Mock polls successful in baring PCOS flaws
Feb 03Can Erap save Manila from further decaying?
January 2013
Jan 31Phl: Learning center for gov’t corruption
Jan 29Where are the foreign investors lured to Phl?
Jan 27We fly to Davos, spend P49M to wash our linen?
Jan 24FOI law will tighten, not ease, restrictions
Jan 22Doy’s selfless love relived in museum
Jan 20Premature conclusions in Atimonan, PNOC
Jan 17With bullets flying, jueteng lords lie low
Jan 15Can LTO contractor fill Stradcom’s shoes?
Jan 13Noy knows whereof he speaks on gun ban
Jan 10U-turning bullets used in Quezon shootout?
Jan 08City Hall taking away Manila Bay from us!
Jan 06Why Ateneo theology prof quit over RH bill
Jan 03VAT, condo taxes to pad owners’ dues?
Jan 01After pitiless hounding of foes, a plea for unity?

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