2009 Postscripts

December 2009
Dec 31Why build ‘karitons’ and not classrooms?
Dec 29Some useful cellphone numbers to remember
Dec 27Pacquiao can use doping issue to retire undefeated
Dec 24Giving gifts that you yourself want to keep
Dec 22Aquino tops Pulse Asia Makati business surveys
Dec 20Don’t blame Cabinet for GMA’s martial law
Dec 17False prosperity seen next year during polls
Dec 15Selective human rights concern of CHR noted
Dec 13The state’s self-defense: Preemptive martial law
Dec 10Admin bets replacing 3 Liberal governors?
Dec 08Partisanship stains martial law review
Dec 06SC must step in where Congress refuses to act
Dec 03Being a gov’t big shot gives ample protection
Dec 01‘Evergreening’ a blot on cheaper drugs law
November 2009
Nov 29The die is cast: GMA running in Pampanga
Nov 26A case of ‘Failure of Government’
Nov 24Kariton’ shows gov’t neglect of street kids
Nov 22A plea for Pacquiao to retire as champion
Nov 19Courts must tell banks, corporate raiders to pay
Nov 17It’s just a perception game for 2010 polls
Nov 15It’s time we shook off our showbiz mentality
Nov 12Suing the whole ZTE caboodle is right move
Nov 10Empty Palace threats won’t stop beheadings
Nov 08Comelec control over voters’ registry diluted
Nov 05Chosen 14th happiest, Pinoys don’t think so
Nov 03Pinoys abroad treated to distorted TV news
Nov 01Chiz to ride reform wave a la Obama?
October 2009
Oct 29Where’s P300-M fund for small fuel retailers?
Oct 27Transco privatization demands transparency
Oct 25Career dep’t heads likely to balk or talk
Oct 22Restore the balance in Man and Nature
Oct 20Facts and figures on RFID car tags
Oct 18Beware of new strain called ‘kleptospirosis’
Oct 15It’s a tough job, but MVP team can do it
Oct 13Lack of political will abets squatters’ abuses
Oct 11Review ‘acts of God’ clause in car insurance
Oct 08Don’t allow squatters’ return to old locations
Oct 06With P140-B savings, why seek P10-B more?
Oct 04This nation in crisis needs a good manager
Oct 01Pity Tim, stylish son of Gen. Garcia in NY
September 2009
Sept 29Weather bureau’s job is forecasting
Sept 27Who’s afraid of RFID tags mounted on cars?
Sept 24LTO’s electronic tag cuts vehicle violations
Sept 22Who’ll protect patients from wolves in hospitals?
Sept 20Who checks cheating done before the voting?
Sept 17Profit-crazy hospitals claim losses, raise fees
Sept 15Thoughts on automated cheating, election failure
Sept 13If celfon tax won’t kill users, radiation could
Sept 10Can Cory’s magic rub off on Noynoy?
Sept 08A holiday dialogue with my fave nephew
Sept 06Sure losers back out using Noynoy excuse
Sept 03Mikey better retain a lawyer, or clam up
Sept 01Polish the transport industry crown jewel
August 2009
Aug 30VFA must embody reciprocity, respect
Aug 27If SC disqualifies Erap, what happens?
Aug 25Erap surely running; In tandem with Chiz?
Aug 23Kneel, and heal our beloved Philippines
Aug 20Be watchful of likely last-minute ‘pabaon’
Aug 18Why does Malacanang ignore MILF atrocities?
Aug 16To win the peace, win the war first
Aug 13Who’ll inherit PNOC gas-fired power plant?
Aug 11Gov drops Mama Mary, Mac on advisers’ say-so
Aug 09Cory role in nation’s life was not accidental
Aug 06We’re missing the lesson of Cory’s life and death?
Aug 04Pride and politics stain solemnity of Cory rites
Aug 02Cory’s kids must now share her with all of us
July 2009
July 30While GMA is away, why not a ceasefire?
July 28Hard-hitting, emotional valedictory of a SONA
July 26Check Laiban ‘pabaon’ among SONA projects
July 23Noli as post-2010 transition president
July 21$64 question: Will Mike travel with GMA to US?
July 19Resolve Panlilio-Pineda dispute via return bout
July 16The problem is moral, the solution personal
July 14Yap: Market data belie overprice of rice import
July 12MWSS set to award $2-B deal sans bidding
July 09Arrest bombers instead of just monitoring them
July 07Randy has to shake off image of ‘feria’ salesman
July 05President’s health is not a state secret
July 02My forecast: GMA not running for Congress seat
June 2009
June 30Milking sequestered companies, made easy
June 28Be a PCGG big shot, see the world for free!
June 25Comelec must check rampant political ads
June 23Abolish inept PCGG, jail its corrupt officials
June 21Name of GMA game is post-2010 survival
June 18SMC still plotting to capture Meralco?l
June 16Gov’t can flush out flu cases by footing the bill
June 14She can do us a favor by retiring after 2010
June 11Flu cases underlisted, but still top in region
June 09List of congressmen who voted for Con-Ass
June 07No need to panic on Cha-cha reso
June 04Late barring of Erap could upset opposition
June 02Noli still #1; Mar jumps to #5, Loren drops to #6
May 2009
May 28Who protects aetas from landgrabbers?
May 26Failure of Election: New holdover mode?
May 24Ask C5 daily users if P200 M was worth it
May 21JPE interview clarifies C5 ‘double insertion’
May 19Make Abu kidnappings thrilling tourist packages
May 17Villar facing not a jury of his peers, but of foes
May 14Crossing a river, their ‘itlog’ turns into ‘ebun’
May 12Suing doesn’t answer issues on GSIS funds
May 10Can RP gov’t, MNLF be both OIC observers?
May 07‘Ako Mismo’ -- Taking personal responsibility
May 05Pacquiao is, you know, also a budding politico
May 03Why exempt a Lozada from the accepted rules?
April 2009
Apr 30A tough job sorting out Party-List alphabet soup
Apr 28Politicos, vested groups hijack Party-List system
Apr 26Poverty and politicians: Twin Timorese troubles
Apr 232010 polls an acid test of our maturity, integrity
Apr 21Villar hits ethics body for ‘premature’ report
Apr 19Publish income and tax payment of top officials
Apr 16With GMA out, many bets are running in 2010
Apr 14Peek into Erap's list of 2010 senatoriables
Apr 12There’s no other path to lasting peace and joy
Apr 09If only the Press Office could have another Jocap
Apr 07If some PDIC-insured Legacy deposits are fake?
Apr 05Macau decline raises doubts on Pagcor City
Apr 02Dick, go to Abu lair and plead personally
March 2009
Mar 31Panlilio to be shuffled out in 2010 elections
Mar 29Traffic mess on EDSA another GMA project?
Mar 26Gun-toting raps vs Erap? Toy-toting is more like it
Mar 24'Among' for president? Dios co, mete cu abe!
Mar 22NIA: No award yet on P1.4-B purchase
Mar 19A Pinay just gave 'rape' a bad name
Mar 17Velarde must first pay taxes on his collections
Mar 15MVP: Change is the call of the times
Mar 12The bet is Legacy boss will escape conviction
Mar 10Legacy operators lucky there was no lynch mob
Mar 08Humans, not machines, are key to honest polls
Mar 05Kapampangan women make mark in history
Mar 03Politicos may want to take up Journ 101
Mar 01'Right to talk back' bill is prior restraint
February 2009
Feb 26GMA could play hero, veto 'Right to Reply' bill
Feb 24'Right-to-reply' bill to kill Fourth Estate
Feb 22DFA, US embassy drag their feet on VFA
Feb 19North Harbor upgrade must proceed full speed
Feb 17LRT extension design copied from Filsystems
Feb 15Telling the truth is not life-threatening
Feb 12Noli suffers collateral damage in Legacy row
Feb 10GMA silence on WB scandal is ill-advised
Feb 08The test: Will GMA ask for World Bank report?
Feb 05Here's a lesson Gloria can learn from Barack
Feb 03Syndicated estafa eyed in new pre-need mess
Feb 01Given a chance, Imelda vows to banish poverty
January 2009
Jan 29Just rent, not buy, poll automation equipment
Jan 27Delicate adjustment to Muslim neighbors
Jan 25Comelec pushing thru Panlilio recall election
Jan 22Gloria, Mike can learn from Obama inaugural
Jan 20The first BlackBerry US president is here
Jan 18What? We’re resuming talks with MILF in KL?
Jan 15Deft crisis management on food issues pays off
Jan 13‘Among Ed’ is eyeing presidency? Dios co!
Jan 11Public being distracted from real drug menace
Jan 08Kin come out to save Brodetts from drugs
Jan 06And now, the side of Pangandamans
Jan 04Montemar club's stink jolts owners, members
Jan 01Madam President, we don’t feel safe…

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