2006 Postscripts

December 2006
Dec 31Smith's stealthy transfer leaves political, legal mess
Dec 28Comelec should lease, not buy, poll computers
Dec 26Can GMA just order GI moved to embassy?
Dec 24Libel suits can't stop the press. Bullets will?
Dec 21SC has upheld VFA as valid. Is it, really?
Dec 19US failure to ratify VFA may be fatal?
Dec 17GMA is sick? It may be passive paranoia
Dec 14Are Cha-cha lessons to be lost on GMA?
Dec 12US need not remind us of 'utang na loob'
Dec 10Con-Ass storm may just blow GMA off her perch
Dec 07House display of naked power makes us cringe
Dec 05DTI tightens protection for credit-card shoppers
Dec 03Bill forbids gov't using commercial software
November 2006
Nov 30Why let sore losers delay books for public schools?
Nov 28Interview of CJ bets: Newest show in town
Nov 26A denial doesn't always mean news item is false
Nov 23RP laws are inadequate for curbing Internet libel
Nov 21Bringing a maid to US could be risky business
Nov 19Enjoy Calicoan Island now, ahead of the pack!
Nov 16SC ruling on Initiative was unanimous, not 8-7!
Nov 14This libel suit rampage is getting out of hand!
Nov 12Only Atong Ang can say if he would rat on friends
Nov 09'Ningas cogon' sets in: Billboards are staying
Nov 07Cabinet resignations: All is not well inside?
Nov 05GMA misled into signing order on Clark flights?
Nov 02Mike's throwing weight around hurts President
October 2006
Oct 31Is Asean-China summit relevant to plain Pinoys?
Oct 29New 'Golden Triangle': Fujian, Taiwan, Manila
Oct 26Tenuous 8-7 vote isn't the end yet for Cha-cha
Oct 24There's still time to get new ACMs for '07 polls
Oct 22Mirant's Pinoy workers restive over US benefits
Oct 19Charges, suspension: Binay had it coming
Oct 17Comelec: SC itself gave go signal for ACMs!
Oct 15There's still a way out for erring Ombudsman
Oct 12Ombudsman depends solely on complainants?
Oct 10Is Napocor sabotaging GMA's energy plans?
Oct 08Is Lady Justice blind -- or just blindfolded?
Oct 05What? Nobody's to blame for that sordid mega-deal?
Oct 03Power system flaws, billboards draw flak
Oct 01'Milenyo' devastation: Was it an 'act of God'?
September 2006
Sept 28When it opens, NAIA-3 will be a decrepit airport
Sept 26When businessmen have to support 2 rival gov'ts
Sept 24Cuenca suddenly appears to reclaim PNCC shares
Sept 21Coming sale of Mirant intrigues industry, labor
Sept 19Upgrade fisheries bureau to dep't, not downgrade it
Sept 17What does De Castro need P30M pork for?
Sept 14A bold formula to free PNCC from debt trap
Sept 12US embassy, not INS,cancelled Bolante visa
Sept 10Spot the difference: A cow or a carabao?
Sept 07Congress playing sheriff of Hawaii district court?
Sept 05MWSS bidder's record hurts Taiwan president
Sept 03With his job undermined, Melo now pressured to quit
August 2006
Aug 31Why reinvent EPIRA? Just implement it, period
Aug 29110 years after Bonifacio tore it, the 'cedula' is back
Aug 27The simple solution to rash of executions
Aug 24Paranoid gov't seeing communists in media
Aug 22Who's this 'A-1' keeping dollar hoard in Munich?
Aug 20Why Comelec is insisting on illegally bought ACMs
Aug 17Anti-terror bill: Weigh security against liberty
Aug 15Using illegally bought poll computers is a trap
Aug 13Senate-embassy tandem can foil Bolante asylum bid
Aug 10Gutierrez faces acid test in OWWA fund charges
Aug 08Chavez's taking OWWA to court is the best recourse
Aug 06Ever so slow, we lost chance to flee Beirut
Aug 03De Castro to the rescue of OFWs -- and GMA?
Aug 01Tricky options testing, tempting Manny Villar
July 2006
July 30Is it Enchanted Kingdom, Fantasyland, or NeverLand?
July 27'Twas more of a SOFA, or the state of the future
July 25After Masinloc, MWSS can't afford similar mess
July 23To each his own biases, to each his own SONA
July 20Lapus equates English to quality of education
July 18Why PLDT net growth has been painfully slow
July 16The big joke is on us in Joc-Joc saga in LA
July 13Upturn noted in GMA net satisfaction rating
July 11Meralco emerges as key to puzzling Masinloc deal
July 09Palace wants Masinloc delivered to Malaysians?
July 06Will lessons be learned from Masinloc hijacking?
July 04Jamby should grow up and stop playing footsie
July 02Psalm, not just YNN, must explain Masinloc
June 2006
June 29Palace voiding Masinloc deal, orders new bidding
June 27Quick, seal the Masinloc deal while GMA is away!
June 25Ranhill itself discloses ugly plans on Masinloc
June 22Skepticism greets opening of electricity spot market
June 20Winning Masinloc bidder still looking for money?
June 18If insurgency is gone, what happens to AFP?
June 15Reyes warns Lafayette: Do it right this last time!
June 13Nani Perez better pray that MJ has mellowed
June 11CAP is worst problem, but no relief is in sight
June 08Big question in Senate: Is Drilon a gentleman?
June 06Coming in with too little too late in solving crisis
June 04It's not that hard solving recurring classroom lack
June 01Masinloc bid winner unable to pay $227M
May 2006
May 30Bishop vs technical man in Lafayette mining row
May 28Stateside Pinoy couple loses case to their maid
May 25Arming media an idiotic response to assassinations
May 23With evidence lost, no choice but compromise
May 21Pinoys carry the joy of their faith abroad
May 18Tariff-cut savings to go to oil firms or to people?
May 16Falsehoods peppering Da Vinci Code exposed
May 14It's not fair to kick out Buñag on just one strike
May 11Must anyone nominate himself for an award?
May 09Aragoncillo case to test political agility of GMA
May 07Erap, Ping face minefield in Aragoncillo spying case
May 04Doña Mary is assurance that Erap won't jump bail
May 02Palace offers P40-B gift to buy Labor Day peace
April 2006
Apr 30We are what we eat -- and how we eat it
Apr 27Why do we need mayor's permit to walk and talk?
Apr 25Road signs must guide, not confuse, motorists
Apr 23Oil hits $75! What's an economical car to drive?
Apr 20Giant Chinese bamboo to bend with US wind?
Apr 18RP's mineral riches can ransom us from poverty?
Apr 16Will lesson & promise of Easter be lost on us?
Apr 13Stay away from snakes, speeding cars & politicos
Apr 11Judas' role in divine plan of Redemption
Apr 09Better just keep quiet; NYT editorial is right
Apr 06Is your child protected from cyber sex crimes?
Apr 04Piatco isn't Naia-3 owner, so can't sell asset to gov't
Apr 02Gloria a sure winner in battle for signatures
March 2006
Mar 30Comelec can validate 5M signatures? How?
Mar 28OFWs must get 10% of seats in Parliament
Mar 26It's a 'Palace Initiative,' is divisive and wasteful
Mar 23Who's afraid of TV coverage of Erap case?
Mar 21Justice secretary ready to lose Subic rape case?
Mar 19Military replacing press as fourth branch of gov't
Mar 16Deep-wells of giant firms destroy Manila aquifers?
Mar 14Aquifers are drying up, Metro Manila is sinking
Mar 12Sandigan, 'Forbes' boost Lucio Tan business image
Mar 09Fire-breathing solons suddenly afraid of cops?
Mar 07Now 8 of 10 'Postscript' readers support GMA!
Mar 056 of 10 respondents say GMA did the right thing
Mar 02Edsa-1 dilemma is over; GMA can now come out
February 2006
Feb 28Formosa shows how coalcan be clean, cheap fuel
Feb 26Our President is caught in the military's embrace
Feb 23GMA bridge gift to her cabalen won't be rickety?
Feb 21Ask officials what they have done for the country
Feb 19GMA losing by default PR war on FM wealth
Feb 16GMA's vaunted Epira failed to cut power rates
Feb 14Tiny Bahrain pushing out giant Saudia from RP air?
Feb 12We pay dearly for calling attention to our ugly side
Feb 09ABS-CBN's vow tosses Ultra ball to gov't court
Feb 07Why were stampede victims mostly women?
Feb 05TV reaps bitter fruit of poor's exploitation
Feb 02GMA won election, but lost war of perception
January 2006
Jan 31GMA, foes must share burden of solving crisis
Jan 29Welcome for Pacquiao spoiled by traffic mess
Jan 26PCSO insists its lotto has enough safeguards
Jan 24Not true: M&J bridge built at no cost to gov't
Jan 22Lawyers try smuggling new energy super body
Jan 19US is just doing its job protecting GIs in trouble
Jan 17Bogus bettors inserted into Lotto winners list?
Jan 15So what if FVR wants this and that of GMA?
Jan 12British firm gives side on ‘bridges to nowhere’
Jan 10Let public officials try doing a Mark Jimenez
Jan 08Boncodin okayed P10-B for 'bridges to nowhere'
Jan 05Now it's the rape of RP criminal justice system
Jan 03Big Lie: GIs in rape case are detained on RP soil
Jan 01DoJ asked: Is surcharge on credit card use legal?

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