2012 Postscripts

December 2012
Dec 30LP bit more than it could chew in Cebu?
Dec 27Phl tells US: We’ll face China alone, if we’ve to!
Dec 25Resist spending, yet still be able to share
Dec 23Garcia can’t ask ‘Why pick on me?’
Dec 18On RH bill: ‘What then should we do?’
Dec 16A Conscience Vote, not a Catholic Vote
Dec 13Odets play has insights into Pacquiao dilemma
Dec 11Pacquiao KO rings bell for retirement?
Dec 09Time is of the essence in ‘Pablo’ rescue, relief
Dec 06Read first the FOI bill that you want passed
Dec 04Balancing Palestine, Bangsamoro issues
Dec 02Quality OFWs in UAE boost PH image, income
November 2012
Nov 29UAE development: Progress in progress
Nov 27Our Cardinal Tagle, 55, is ‘Pope material’
Nov 25MRT fire a warning of system-wide decay
Nov 22Is US breathing down neck of Asean leaders?
Nov 20Pagcor’s gambling city by the bay still feasible?
Nov 18Scrapping of VFA: Miriam’s long shot
Nov 15Seniors deserve better treatment
Nov 13Just tell us if EDSA is beyond solution
Nov 11On sibling rivalry, political dynasties
Nov 08‘Why can’t we hold polls like US does?’
Nov 06Use biodegradable plastic bags in malls
Nov 04Bayanihan still alive in storm-hit NY, NJ
Nov 01China seeks harmony, not hegemony - envoy
October 2012
Oct 30Noy is quiet, but Mar acts against ‘jueteng’
Oct 28Real targets of bridges exposé are GMA, Mike
Oct 25Let voters make own definition of ‘dynasty’
Oct 23‘Pedrito’ doll a Pinoy boy version of Barbie
Oct 21Akbayan marginalized? No, it is mainstream!
Oct 18We know dynasties’ bets. Let’s reject them
Oct 16Signing rite buoys hope, but road to peace is long
Oct 14Environment lovers, visit Clark and weep
Oct 11Ready to accept pact with MILF, but then…
Oct 09Will an autonomous Bangsamoro work?
Oct 07Tired of fighting off the inevitable? Yield!
Oct 04The people themselves are now the opposition
Oct 02Cyberlibel law faces likely debacle in SC
September 2012
Sept 30A blog isn’t more sacred than the printed page
Sept 27Libel law covers print; why not cyber media?
Sept 25Trillanes caper bares pitfalls of leadership
Sept 23Winner in Trillanes ‘Amateur Hour’ is China
Sept 20We asked for FOI, but got harsher libel law
Sept 18Handling libel under new cybercrime law
Sept 16Gov. Pineda rules out running against GMA
Sept 13One consistent story needed on Puno saga
Sept 11Now P-Noy knows how cruel the mob could be
Sept 09How will PNoy solve a problem like Puno?
Sept 06SC members must elect their own CJ?
Sept 04Abaya inherits Roxas’ LRT bidding problem
Sept 02What if Baby Pineda runs vs Gloria Arroyo?
August 2012
Aug 30Clark to supplement, not supplant, NAIA
Aug 28Philcomsat says no to PCGG returning
Aug 26Sereno a good choice for reforming judiciary
Aug 23Hypocrites offering Jesse faded flowers
Aug 21On this day, Ninoy comes to life again
Aug 19Doctor knows GMA state of health better
Aug 16JBC list leaning 5-3 for an insider as CJ
Aug 14P-Noy doesn’t think GMA might just die?
Aug 12Grim facts on low population growth
Aug 09Are Pinoys, like Noah, being told something?
Aug 07How will RE investors take lower FiT levels?
Aug 05Simply call PAGASA the Weather Bureau
Aug 02Did P-Noy’s lecture do more harm than good?
July 2012
July 31PAL, tourism stunted by ‘Category 2’ status
July 29P-Noy scores direct hit on Noli, TV Patrol
July 26The secret of Boking’s vaunted staying power
July 24True state of the nation is in each Filipino’s guts
July 22One way to get out of Asean ‘cul de sac’
July 19Waiting for bolder PNoy stance on Sino poachers
July 17Taming EDSA traffic like Subic, NLEx did
July 15Phnom Penh lesson: Don’t mix aid, big stick
July 12The Three E’s needed to survive EDSA mess
July 10We’ve to trust PNoy in secret talks with US
July 08P-Noy can cash in on tiff with Beijing
July 05Unsolved murders haunt PNoy admin
July 03Drop PCSO’s supplier of fading Lotto tickets
July 01Access under FOI bill still restricted
June 2012
June 28Aquino intimidated by Chinese dragon?
June 26Ill effects of Phl $1B loan to IMF explained
June 24Why lend $1B to IMF? It’s the SONA, stupid!
June 21Panatag: Too many cooks and amateurs
June 19Phl losing territory bit by painful bit?
June 17Pacquiao has peaked, may decide to retire?
June 14Phl invoking UNCLOS that US has not ratified
June 10Cry of ‘Abba, Father’ to an ever-loving Dad
June 07Guzzling cola may be bad for one’s health
June 05Filipinos ‘occupy’ keyNY avenue for 7 hours
June 03No marginalized PL after 6 years of pork
May 2012
May 31Tactical blunders seal conviction of Corona
May 29Impeachment raises a Sign-a-Waiver call
May 27With CJ’s case rested, let the nation heal itself
May 24CJ had a good show going, then he blew it
May 22How can Senate gauge betrayal of public trust?
May 20Even senators are not safe from Ombudsman
May 17What to do with kid in intersex situation?
May 15Fishing ban may just provide Panatag lull
May 13Fair warning to VIPs with arrest warrants
May 10With Corona precedent, even Aquino is fair game
May 08Impeachment circus has dragged too long
May 06US won’t fight China over Panatag shoals
May 03Noy offers empty hand to expectant laborers
May 01Trees handled properly in SM Baguio upgrade
April 2012
Apr 29Low RoRo transpo cost: Boon to trade, tourism
Apr 26Historic niche awaits P-Noy in Luisita case
Apr 24Phl needs master plan, one voice in China row
Apr 22Why US is not likely to scramble for Phl
Apr 19Rally behind President on Scarborough issue
Apr 17De Lima’s using election saboteurs raises alarm
Apr 15Goal of power summit was to sell higher rates?
Apr 12After scaring populace, they talk of evacuation!
Apr 10Baguio loses P125M in John Hay standoff
Apr 08‘I died… behold I am alive for evermore!’
Apr 05Washing of the Feet rite isn’t a kind of ‘Holy Spa’
Apr 03As Phl exports dropped, those of Clark rose 161%
Apr 01Lessons of Palm Sunday to leaders and plain folk
March 2012
Mar 29Is it power crisis or management crisis?
Mar 27Conviction not sure, so it’s time for Plan B
Mar 25Must Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays?
Mar 22How sweet it is to do nothing -- and then rest!
Mar 20Some senators not sure of raps on SALN filing?
Mar 18With no alternatives, gov’t keeps 12% VAT
Mar 15Corona witnesses clear up doubts planted by prosec
Mar 13Impeach case defective, but too late to stop trial
Mar 11Aquino-Corona debate: ‘Ang aayaw ay duwag!’
Mar 08Give Azkals ‘stray dogs’ psycho test, treatment?
Mar 06Naguiat is not a casino player. He’s the regulator
Mar 04Another SC decision may raise new storm
Mar 015 charges were dropped or being hard to prove?
February 2012
Feb 28Receiving valuable gifts SOP under PNoy admin?
Feb 26It’s high time we shifted from fight to unity mode
Feb 23Admin favors US pilot over President Dadong?
Feb 21Impeachment exposes cancer devouring gov’t
Feb 19Both Noy and Corona should explain SALNs
Feb 16Ask prosecution, not bank, on faked docus
Feb 14Senate honors TRO, submits to SC review
Feb 12Impeachment court can’t be left to itself
Feb 09Constitutional crisis? I doubt it will happen
Feb 07Quake grabs attention from impeach-CJ trial
Feb 05De Lima rewards LRA registrars who testified
Feb 02Can judiciary recover from massive damage?
January 2012
Jan 31Let him with an honest SALN cast first stone
Jan 29Why the objections to renewable energy?
Jan 26Explain, not loosen, the rules of evidence
Jan 24Corona is luckier than Estrada in Senate trial
Jan 22Armscor disqualified from P296M gun bid
Jan 19SC custodian of SALNs did right yielding them
Jan 17Enrile’s steady hand in CJ trial is assuring
Jan 15Reinstating a losing bidder for PNP guns
Jan 12How is the economy under GMA’s student?
Jan 10Tourists might ask DoT: Are we having fun yet?
Jan 08PNP wants cheapest, or most reliable, gun?
Jan 05Hate-Corona drive rages outside Senate process
Jan 03Rush that gift. After Sunday, it’s a bribe!
Jan 01‘Cracker injuries down; DoH-PNP drive works?

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