2008 Postscripts

December 2008
Dec 30We pay sewage service fee, but where’s sewer?
Dec 28Cory's saying sorry is a personal matter
Dec 23LTFRB in cahoots with bus operators?
Dec 21Sunday reflections on Church and State
Dec 18Insert a comma here: Millionaires don’t steal
Dec 16Cursing means he has run out of arguments
Dec 14Makati rally served as a healthy release
Dec 11When private rights, public interest clash
Dec 09Obama isn't a friend of RP under Arroyo?
Dec 07'Big 3' controls 85% of retail gas stations
Dec 04Public school teachers can buy cheap laptops
Dec 02RP not ready to cash in on Indian, Thai crises
November 2008
Nov 30Bishops want to ape violent Thai protests?
Nov 27Can protests in Bangkok trigger echoes in Manila?
Nov 25GMA should stay home and look after our needs
Nov 23ChaCha debate mere waste of time, saliva
Nov 20His Senate loss could be Villar's liberation
Nov 18NPC rallies working press vs harassment
Nov 16Dela Paz takes blame for PNP, his mistahs
Nov 13Asking questions now libelous in GSIS book?
Nov 11Check dog and cat food for melamine content
Nov 09Let Caringal, Verzosa testify at Russ embassy
Nov 06Was it Biden who was elected next president?
Nov 04Who gets P3-B interest in GSIS ‘bargain sale’?
Nov 02All Saints' Day: Spend time with your parents
October 2008
Oct 30Post-financial crisis strategic plan needed
Oct 28GMA should also pound ASEM idea on her cronies
Oct 26Dela Paz afraid to face truth, hides from Senate
Oct 23The epidemic that races from Wall St. to Main St.
Oct 21Panlilio recall doomed: No time, no money, no...
Oct 19GMA to Gary: Press $10B, and I'll release it
Oct 16'Right to Reply' leads to confusion, absurdity
Oct 14Giant billboards fall only on ordinary folk
Oct 12Presumption of malice in libel cases is unfair
Oct 09GSIS evading issues on $600-M GIP fund
Oct 07Palace finds excuse for economic decline
Oct 05Law on recalling officials is illogical, unfair, absurd
Oct 02Is $1-B GSIS global investment in peril?
September 2008
Sept 30Valuable time wasted on 'Probes to Nowhere'
Sept 28Help Aetas build their own ‘ancestral domain’
Sept 25Atty. Reig answers 'Postscript' column
Sept 23Dabu on quit calls: Only God can make me resign
Sept 21To save her boss, Dabu can consider resigning
Sept 18PHC minority owners must protect interests
Sept 16Not duplicate, but only 2 separate C-5 outlays
Sept 14Gov't shifting to peace talks with community
Sept 11Meralco-GSIS case wasn't 1st SEC decision of Roxas
Sept 09Palace acts belatedly to revive Sabah claim
Sept 07Lilia Pineda won't run if Among Ed is recalled
Sept 04Erap: FVR borrowed 'modernization' fund
Sept 02GMA finally buries MoA, peace process
August 2008
Aug 31Palace fooled MILF with fake negotiators
Aug 28As usual, Kato will slip thru AFP-PNP cordon
Aug 26Run also after admin officials behind MoA
Aug 24Politicos, speculators grabbing SCTEx sites
Aug 21Moro rampage to derail law on RP marine zones?
Aug 19MILF takes off mask, bares its violent streak
Aug 17What? The Constitution must conform with MoA?
Aug 14US hand in resolving Moro issues confirmed
Aug 12Deal with ARMM leaders, not with MILF separatists
Aug 10Implead MILF in SC case, just to be sure
Aug 07The President's duty to infom the people
Aug 05Mindanao being yielded to Moro rebels bit by bit
Aug 03Cleaning up CA mess Herculean task for SC
July 2008
July 31VAT showdown looms in Congress and media
July 29GMA gave clear data; critics must refute them
July 27Palace must not rush signing of MILF pact
July 24KL deporting Pinoys from Sabah is a trap
July 22Alternative approaches to treating cancer cited
July 20Jocjoc asylum to open US to wave of fugitives
July 17Palace not interested in those behind TCRI?
July 15Giant oil firms raking in billions, not losing them
July 13Cabalen clique cornering energy-related businesses?
July 10Jeepneys holding gov't hostage. Phase 'em out!
July 08Why are GMA bridges shrouded with mystery?
July 06PCGG finally drops Philcomsat: it's broke
July 03Why French bridges have to be expensive
July 01Napocor's rate cut is actually a refund
June 2008
June 29Even Bush stereotypes Pinoys in US as cooks?
June 26Sea tragedies bring the clowns to town
June 24Law needed to rein in wayward court TROs
June 22GMA French bridges to cost 2.5 times more
June 19Why allow radio quacks to endorse patent drugs?
June 17French firm takes over GMA bridges program
June 15Who got overprice in SCTEx project?
June 12Why Noli may drop his bid for president
June 10Gov't hiding behind oil deregulation law
June 08SCTEx serves Clark, but has no exit there!
June 05No harm in listening to foreign chambers
June 03GSIS members hurt as Meralco shares fall
June 01Meralco power play literally a proxy war
May 2008
May 29Solo SEC act at Meralco meet didn't stop Lopezes
May 27Pinoys resilient enough to cope with food crisis
May 25What's GMA policy on use of coal as fuel?
May 22Key to cheaper power is gov't, not Meralco
May 20Removing double taxes on power is an answer
May 18‘Cash Cow’ gang runs call center to the ground
May 15Why is Palace silent on soaring gas prices?
May 13Billions in BIR/BoC check payments stolen
May 11PCGG fund scandals keep haunting Sabio
May 08GMA action awaited on Napocor coal gang
May 06GMA misinformed on power economics?
May 04Gov’t knows of plan for P1 gas price hike
May 01GMA can, but doesn’t cut price of electricity
April 2008
Apr 29Mine firms reap riches, but local folk stay poor
Apr 27Who’s in drug cartel’s pocket on pharma bill?
Apr 24Tourism alternative to failed land reform
Apr 22See stained-glass panes’ splendor only from inside
Apr 20Pope’s message in US is actually ‘urbi et orbi’
Apr 17RP justice system also on trial in Nani’s case
Apr 15From food, malunggay turns into biodiesel oil
Apr 13Erap running in 2010: Probability is just 30%
Apr 10The thrills and pitfalls of writing advancers
Apr 08Samat winds singing songs of freedom, love of country
Apr 06Not one pork barrel cent pledged in Food Summit
Apr 03Napocor gives P956-M contract to P62,500 firm
Apr 01It's bad form for senators to reject adverse SC ruling
March 2008
Mar 30Senators beyond saying sorry to smear victims?
Mar 27Her faith and love affair with God will heal Cory
Mar 25Yap's 'eat less rice' suggestion is sound
Mar 23Is Resurrection still relevant to Filipinos?
Mar 20New tollway to pump economic life to Luzon
Mar 18Clear SC ruling sought on Neri's facing Senate
Mar 16'Why we can't support call for GMA to resign'
Mar 13Wiretap links governor to pricey call-girl ring
Mar 11GMA should resign if she fails EDSA test
Mar 09Car fanciers: Here are the 10 Top Picks for 2008
Mar 06People's pick: Violent or non-violent change?
Mar 04Noli can't escape duty to serve as president if...
Mar 02Congress must not lose time passing EEZ law
February 2008
Feb 28CBCP prods not only GMA, but all sectors
Feb 26Search for truth goes beyond EDSA, Senate
Feb 24Is Lozada only source of truth on NBN deal?
Feb 21Is your cellphone new? Here's how you check
Feb 19Oppositionist politicos mar Lozada's credibility
Feb 17Senate quiz must defer to Ombudsman's probe
Feb 14GMA regime to fall if Lozada is harmed
Feb 12Lozada's lesson: Courts better forum than Senate
Feb 10With her credibility low, can GMA weather crisis?
Feb 07Moves to abolish LRA stepped up in Congress
Feb 05De Venecia or Nograles? Both are same old 'trapo'
Feb 03More named in JPE's 'Ali Baba' plunder list
January 2008
Jan 31Unusual silence meets JPE's Ali Baba's expose
Jan 29Mikey pressed to speed up Napocor plants' sale
Jan 27Many ramifications of Erap-Villar team
Jan 24Mar is right in moving for oil VAT suspension
Jan 23The epidemic that races from Wall St. to Main St.
Jan 22BIR's missing its target by P53.7-B is a bad sign
Jan 20Network war annoying to radio-TV audience
Jan 17Noli is Malacanang's only viable candidate
Jan 1598,703 voters enough to start Panlilio recall
Jan 13Why do more Filipinos now go to Sunday Mass?
Jan 10The peace we knew, before progress set in
Jan 08Aggie proving itself as economy backbone
Jan 06Why be afraid of Erap running again in 2010?
Jan 03My forecast: Erap sure to run and likely to win
Jan 012008 isn't really new; the newness is in us

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