2011 Postscripts

December 2011
Dec 29Bartolome to his cops: Make music, not noise
Dec 27Impeach-Corona brains is himself impeachable?
Dec 25Christmas love story passes by the manger
Dec 22Noy’s probity amazing: Probe rito, probe roon!
Dec 20What if court ruling, public opinion differ?
Dec 18Wi-Fi to Li-Fi: Send data via light bulbs!
Dec 15Corona falls for trap to show him as biased
Dec 13MVP the Apaliteño taipan turns nostalgic
Dec 11As Noy vowed, GMA ‘in jail by Christmas’
Dec 08Attack the ruling, not the court or institution
Dec 06Palace vs High Court: It’s now bare knuckles
Dec 04The gentle Asian way: Leading by consensus
Dec 01Hate devours the person and the nation. But why?
November 2011
Nov 29Pasay RTC wrong venue for GMA election raps?
Nov 27Noy could have moved on Luisita earlier, faster
Nov 24What will save SC from intense assault?
Nov 22Two-year-old Ampatuan massacre remembered
Nov 20GMA must stay; Noy needs her as distraction
Nov 17Noy wins round-1 of NAIA ‘patintero’
Nov 15GMA barred from 186 nations sans extradition
Nov 13No way De Lima will say sorry for asylum rumors
Nov 10Legal showdown seen on travel ban on GMA
Nov 08Ninoy name to replace Dadong at Clark airport?
Nov 06PNoy dictates which doctor a patient sees?
Nov 03In talks, we don’t hear of cultural integration
Nov 01Can ‘all-out justice’ be delivered as promised?
October 2011
Oct 30Pick low-hanging, ripening fruits first
Oct 27Sang’s visit to draw Phl-Viet comparison
Oct 25Proportionate reaction, not all-out war, needed
Oct 23Miscommunication or leadership failure?
Oct 20Heavily logged Mt. Arayat may come sliding down?
Oct 18New Pacquiao crown: AFP pole-vault champ
Oct 16Generational shift: Tagle as archbishop
Oct 13PAL workers ask if Tan has bought Phl
Oct 11ODA funding beats PPP for long-term major infra
Oct 09Behest or not, Ongpin loans invite questions
Oct 06Noy missed the boat in the Luzon floods?
Oct 04Use CCT billions for calamity rehab
Oct 0212% VAT on tollways big gamble for PNoy
September 2011
Sept 29Brainstorming during a storm
Sept 27They may not show it, but gov’t crooks are worried
Sept 25Noy delivers compact SONA in his US visit
Sept 22VAT hits us with 12%, but gov’t gets only 3%
Sept 20Fearless forecast: ‘Tigil-pasada’ to fail
Sept 18There are no secrets in highly porous Manila
Sept 15Awaiting Senate probe into Miss Universe tilt
Sept 13Erap to Noy: Not zero, but family-size love life
Sept 11Dream scene: Noy hitting China at UN
Sept 08Buck passed to Noy on PLDT-Digitel deal
Sept 06Leaks confirm US hand in MILF talks
Sept 04Tatad: RH debate is one big swindle
Sept 01Noy to bring back a fat Chinese ham?
August 2011
Aug 30Clark airport threatens to eclipse aging NAIA
Aug 28BOT, PPP concepts in need of updating
Aug 25Basics in peace talks neglected by gov’t?
Aug 23Reactions: How many more will have to die?
Aug 21Many more will die after Reyes, Pinpin?
Aug 18Text of new RH bill must be published
Aug 16Phl paddlers unfazed by money questions
Aug 14FVR gets half-point talking on scandals
Aug 11SEC, SolGen clash on PLDT alien equity
Aug 09CCP leading us on not-so-straight path
Aug 07MILF the legit voice of Muslim Mindanao?
Aug 04Zubiri quits, a victim of poll fraud scandal
Aug 02Raising false hopes on poll fraud probe
July 2011
July 31Watch Palace’s hands closely on Luisita issue
July 28Can Brillantes mount poll reforms on time?
July 26Noy: Path cleared, we can now move forward
July 24True state of nation is in every Pinoy’s gut
July 21PCGG eyeing return to looted companies
July 19SM cries foul in sale of Bacolod lot to ALI
July 17Fickle FDI policies stunt investments
July 14Religion of Blame: Doom or salvation? -- Part 2
July 12Religion of Blame: Doom or salvation? -- Part 1
July 10Bishops weren’t given fair hearing on PCSO
July 07Noy can step into HLI dispute to lift tenants
July 05Suddenly changing rules turns off foreign investors
July 03Smoking ban: Curbside mass education in civics
June 2011
June 30Noy: ARMM folk aren’t mature enough to vote
June 28Despite our treaty, US won’t go to war for Phl
June 26Noy afraid to debate with ex-prof Gloria?
June 23Noy rating drops, but majority still with him
June 21Lee right choice as Phl ambassador to China
June 19Spend P400M for port when P143M suffices?
June 16Beijing bullying doesn’t echo Sinos’ sentiments
June 14Noy’s action on Ping resignation clarified
June 12Palace: ARMM isn’t responsible enough
June 09Good luck on Roxas’ being sent to frontline
June 07Mar can’t accept job far from Malacañang
June 05Relax, solons won’t dare legalize divorce
June 02Reminder for officials to lead ‘modest lives’
May 2011
May 31Competition keeps telcos on their toes
May 29Where to meet, at Facebook or Twitter?
May 26Eeek! China to start drilling oil this July?
May 24We’ll lose Reed Bank by timidity, by default
May 22The world didn’t end; RH debate continues
May 19US defense of Phl nice to hear, but…
May 17Objection to RH bill based on conscience
May 15Key RH issue: When does human life begin?
May 12Apply ‘no work-no pay’ rule to top gov’t execs
May 10How Peping and family feel about Noy’s admin
May 08Manny’s yellow gloves bring good or bad luck?
May 05A double-digit drop is a flashing red light
May 03US bases banned? Call them by another name
May 01Will a Merci-less Noy now be more merciful?
April 2011
Apr 28For intelligent debate, publish text of RH bill
Apr 26Teach kids how to have sex without pregnancy?
Apr 24Trudging back to old haunts and bad habits
Apr 21Blaming one another won’t solve problems
Apr 19People can’t subsist on hate, vengeance
Apr 17Just rename Libingan to end Marcos debate
Apr 14The magic of turning imported rice to gold
Apr 12Media’s dilemma: ‘tuta’ or watchdog?
Apr 10You be the Dead Sea or the Sea of Galilee?
Apr 07Thank God, we didn’t cut relations with Libya
Apr 05Mea culpa that readers thought I was resigning
Apr 03It’s time to gather my best ‘Postscripts’
March 2011
Mar 31We’ll miss the moral of drug mules’ story
Mar 29Turn big population from liability to asset
Mar 27Watch Aquino’s hand in Binay-Roxas rivalry
Mar 24Gang war on Libya is pure interference
Mar 22Pulse Asia survey will test media bias
Mar 20We need the $14-M more than Japan does
Mar 17Quake-meltdown alarm is viral, will soon vanish
Mar 15Japanese discipline rules despite disaster
Mar 13Noynoy better listen to people of ARMM
Mar 10Using Merci to force open a can of worms
Mar 08Cut impeach show; put it to a vote now
Mar 06Despite 3 strikes, Noy keeping Torres at LTO
Mar 03But is there a speed rule for Ombudsman?
Mar 01What prompted SC’s flip on cityhood issue?
February 2011
Feb 27Strange that Beijing, Taipei quiet on drugs
Feb 24ARMM polls’ resetting, execs’ holdover bucked
Feb 22Noy gaining balance on Chinese tightrope
Feb 20Urgent need: Restore honesty into our lives
Feb 17What to do with a thief squealing on his cohorts
Feb 15Taipei should thank, not threaten, Manila
Feb 13One-China policy held hostage by OFW jitters?
Feb 10Reyes lost his chance to prove his innocence
Feb 08Why many stolen cars ended up in Pampanga
Feb 06Parceling Luisita now can undercut SC ruling
Feb 03Prosecutors have no resolve, imagination
Feb 01Can AFP officers corps still clean the service?
January 2011
Jan 30SMC, Petron to change North Harbor landscape
Jan 27Torres knows how LTO registers stolen vehicles
Jan 25Cha-cha: Noy as prexy, Mar as prime minister?
Jan 23DND, Carandang deny Noy was late
Jan 20Generals also serve who only stand, wait
Jan 18Noy didn’t ask about Gloria -- Macalintal
Jan 16Analysis shows why local rice is cheaper
Jan 13Doles no substitute for food-job strategy
Jan 11Cheaper to import rice, but better to raise it here
Jan 09Cheaper to import rice than to raise it?
Jan 06Will German warning scare Noy on Naia-3?
Jan 04Othman’s bias merely reflects KL true color
Jan 02Filipinos optimistic at start of new year

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