2004 Postscripts

December 2004
Dec 30Piatco case a warning to scheming foreigners
Dec 28Gov't hands are equally dirty in failed Piatco deal
Dec 26Big Business not that satisfied with Arroyo
Dec 23Takeover of NAIA-3 an overdue gov't move
Dec 21It's almost the yearend and no turnaround yet!
Dec 19Ms Roces shows finally what's behind her smile
Dec 16Some politicos, hotheads doing disservice to FPJ
Dec 14FPJ as instrument of peace and unity
Dec 12Closer look at Fallujah: Still a slayer of empire?
Dec 09Try our compromise: Selective total log ban
Dec 07Total logging ban idea is another overreaction
Dec 05Give us the list of all loggers, legal or illegal!
Dec 02After the hue and cry, we settle back and forget
November 2004
Nov 30Who now gets the 'tong' that Chavit had exposed?
Nov 28Fuel discounts didn't solve transport strikes
Nov 25Number of cars is rising, but fuel usage dwindling
Nov 23Wow! Arroyo and Bush chatted at 2-hour dinner!
Nov 21Where the news term 'kuryente' came from
Nov 183 newsmen killed last week, raising toll to 59
Nov 16Faye, ma need help. Let's pray for them!
Nov 14It's official and final: Faye told us a fairy tale
Nov 11How could Americans stomach Falluja attack?
Nov 09Smoke, drink 2d max, & save RP from crisis
Nov 07Elevate Faye without stepping on anybody
Nov 04Why use Faye to score political points vs gov't?
Nov 02Is Faye's story true, or just a fairy tale?
October 2004
Oct 31Kidnapping of Pinoy rips open Afghan veil
Oct 28The top brass themselves inflicted damage on AFP
Oct 26North Luzon tollway finished by Christmas
Oct 24Bunye revisits theory on Good vs Bad News
Oct 21Top brass afraid to lift lid off logistics scandal?
Oct 19Stink in AFP logistics goes higher than Garcia
Oct 17The bill-collecting wolf is knocking at the door
Oct 14Why I prefer Kerry as next US president
Oct 12How high must tariff be for imported iron?
Oct 10Limit lawmaking to six months for 50% savings
Oct 07GMA flips the page to show the good news
Oct 05Palace upwraps roadmap to fiscal stability, growth
Oct 03Crooks hit by reforms lash back at GSIS boss
September 2004
Sept 30But who will probe legislative probers?
Sept 28Balingaga bells toll today to remind us all
Sept 26Pagcor, Internet make casino gambling easier
Sept 23Somebody has to lead in solving fiscal crisis
Sept 21Right hand offers amnesty as the left slaps more taxes
Sept 19War between old, new cars centers on pricing
Sept 16After debating pork, solons now tangling over chocolates
Sept 14Fiscal + power crises = 1-2 knockout punch!
Sept 12Palace top propagandists crowd around PR button
Sept 09Cleanup can start right in the Palace backyard
Sept 07GMA to unfurl finally a road map to recovery?
Sept 05Solicitation diverts focus from roots of fiscal crisis
Sept 02Those who sucked NPC dry must be made to pay
August 2004
Aug 31Deny pork to lawmakers, give IRA to local gov'ts
Aug 29Show us first a road map to full recovery
Aug 26Assign a boss to each of 8 priority programs
Aug 24At the negotiating table, NDF is co-equal of GRP
Aug 22Iraq war might cost Bush the presidency
Aug 19GMA must deliver by yearend, or else...
Aug 17Journalists et al. live in climate of violence
Aug 15Afable to rule gov't media; Bunye in as press secretary
Aug 12RP distancing itself from US war on Iraq?
Aug 10CA ruling on Meralco case could raise rates
Aug 08GMA afraid to lose gold mine of Pagcor?
Aug 05A protesting Poe is like Sisyphus pushing a rock
Aug 03Mired in mutual misunderstanding
Aug 01Gracia's book replete with hearsay on AFP
July 2004
July 29US envoy's comments were petty, misplaced
July 27Angelo used as takeoff for GMA plea for unity
July 25It's no Pinoy grievance, but mere 'sentimiento'
July 22Dangerous revenue idea: Indirect taxes on the poor
July 20Foreign policy dictated by domestic concerns
July 18Iraq war question goes beyond Dela Cruz case
July 13Subic-Clark corridor to wake up Luzon giant
July 11RP has more to gain pulling out from Iraq
July 08Envoy to Laos explains Mike's fund solicitation
July 06Palace falls into trap on cha-cha question
July 04Mike Arroyo should stop all fund-raising activities
July 01Use GMA's 10-point agenda to monitor her
June 2004
June 29Better to project GMA succeeding than failing
June 27Noli to pro-poor drive, Ping to anti-graft fight
June 24Recto's fearful forecast: After the polls, the deluge
June 22Spikes await GMA on road to inaugural
June 20If the canvass is illegal, Nene should stay way
June 17Cash-strapped gov't set to tax citizens to death?
June 15Chief Justice is not in line of succession
June 13Readers agree: Erap abandoned his post
June 10Mitsubishi recalls defective Pajeros
June 08Questioned CoCs need not delay entire canvass
June 06FilAms concerned over Iraq-duty draft
June 03Leaders close ranks, appeal for calm, unity
June 01Congress needs a big dose of 'daldal-bawas'!
May 2004
May 30If Poe really won, fans must speed up canvass
May 27Stalling the canvass irritates most people
May 25Obstructing the canvass can only lead to anarchy
May 23Did FPJ really say 'I won!' or 'Ewan!'?
May 20How to fill 2 looming vacancies in the Senate?
May 18Must an election winner win it again in the streets?
May 16FPJ to discover soon that he was just used
May 13Namfrel 'quick count' bogs down in slow-mo
May 11Winners & losers alike must heed the message
May 09GMA to beat FPJ, but without majority vote
May 06Comelec resolves today row over 3-term mayor
May 04Belmonte's 3 years far better than Mathay's 9
May 02May Comelec throw P2.3-B just like that?
April 2004
Apr 29Comelec sitting on bid to disqualify 3-termer?
Apr 27Trend more important than slim lead in surveys
Apr 25Can Manilans be fooled by circus and cosmetics?
Apr 22RP troops in Iraq without consent of sovereign Iraqis
Apr 20Oops... Susan boxes bet, Mike campaigns in Cebu!
Apr 18Without majority mandate, the winner can't govern well
Apr 15FPJ chart remains flat as GMA creeps upward
Apr 13RP needs electricity, not glowing statistics
Apr 11Hubris, miscalculation worsen Iraqi situation
Apr 08GMA likely to beat Poe -- if elections were today
Apr 06Marina report on ferry fire marked for quashing?
Apr 04Hidden report on ferry fire rules out terrorism
Apr 01We made our image as hotbed of terrorism
March 2004
Mar 30How to join petition for US citizenship
Mar 28US embassy rejects Pinoys’ passport bid
Mar 25Brandy ad stirs storm over its sexual pitch
Mar 23RP has much to learn from robust neighbor
Mar 21Malaysian polls today boring to visiting Pinoy
Mar 18Malaysia: Dig out root causes of Muslim unrest
Mar 16Born before July 1946? You could be American!
Mar 14Comelec quick count is official, but not binding
Mar 11Poe candidacy: Acid test of our maturity
Mar 09What free use? Comelec paid P850M for ACMs!
Mar 07Poe borne by protest votes, not popularity
Mar 04Everybody must bow to SC decision on Poe
Mar 02Phasing out stinking jeepneys, made easy
February 2004
Feb 29Belmonte transforms QC into top metro city
Feb 26Oslo peace talks good for GMA, Joma Sison
Feb 24Poe admits his birth papers may be bogus
Feb 22Poe’s fans walking into a ‘No-El’ trap?
Feb 19As expected, SC voids Comelec mega-contract
Feb 17Protest votes to decide trapos’ fate on May 10
Feb 15Nobody asks about platforms anymore
Feb 12Poe case could rest on just 2 documents
Feb 10Abalos must stay on to manage May polls
Feb 08Ping ready to step in if Poe is disqualified
Feb 05Have all ‘nuisance’ bets file test suits before SC
Feb 03Comelec proper venue for Poe citizenship suit
Feb 01Better to lease than buy computers for elections
January 2004
Jan 29Can FPJ manage without foreign help?
Jan 27Must Marcos loot vanish like Japanese reparations?
Jan 25Does the Pinoy figure in globalized economy?
Jan 22Bush seeks to legalize TNTs working in US
Jan 20Circus won’t decide Poe citizenship case
Jan 18Abalos can still redeem himself -- if he wants to
Jan 15Pinoy ingenuity ensures holding of May elections
Jan 13GMA must clarify if she wants 6 or 3 years
Jan 11Politicos need not go to Quiapo just to pray
Jan 08FPJ: Da King of RP political silent movies
Jan 06Noli: Experience above popularity
Jan 04All eyes are on SC as poll clock ticks on
Jan 01Noli is both asset and liability to GMA

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