2014 Postscripts

December 2014
Dec 30Drilon can tell PNoy about toll integration
Dec 28Not a sign of hope, but a cry for change
Dec 25Palace gives positive summing up of 2014
Dec 23MRT/LRT fare hike undue or overdue?
Dec 21No recourse but to terminate VFA
Dec 18Toying with the lives of MRT passengers
Dec 16Pope Francis musical wows theater-goers
Dec 14Do not use ‘karburo’ to force Poe to ripen
Dec 11Hey guys, let’s go easy on Mar Roxas
Dec 09Smartmatic has edge to supply election gear
Dec 07Why insist on including Smartmatic in bidding?
Dec 04Submit Bangsamoro law to nat’l plebiscite
November 2014
Nov 30Recto: 2015 budget lacks rearview mirror
Nov 27SolGen: Phl not sure of US defense shield
Nov 25Tardy SC action can moot 2010 poll issue
Nov 23SM solar shift shows way for sun-lit malls
Nov 20Garin, Catapang show guts facing Ebola risks
Nov 18Unresolved issues in Paniqui poll row
Nov 16On pardon of Erap, ask GMA her intent
Nov 13Why can’t Noy, Jojo cut clean politically?
Nov 11Paniqui poll protest a new cause célèbre
Nov 09Noy’s ‘best’ not good enough for Y victims?
Nov 06MRT audit exposes scary safety lapses
Nov 04FilAm group wants Binay out, Roxas in
Nov 02Binay et al. warned on ill-gotten wealth
October 2014
Oct 30President must speak up on Laude coverup
Oct 28Resto has own version of senior citizens law?
Oct 26VFA can’t be revised, but only terminated
Oct 23On Laude, Phl gov’t is acting like a bakla
Oct 21Media can’t even pin down sex of Jeffrey?
Oct 19Flip-flop on CALAX could damage PPP
Oct 16On VFA, Miriam talks more sense than gov’t
Oct 14Send gov’t mission to Ebola-hit Africa!
Oct 12PCOS computerized count erred by 86%?
Oct 09Roxas’ double leap in survey incredible
Oct 07Don’t listen to voices, just forego reelection
Oct 05We can’t even repair our airstrip on Pagasa!
Oct 02Problem is DOTC, MRT Corp. don’t talk
September 2014
Sept 30Gov’t job a shackle to a vow of poverty?
Sept 28Abad eye leads you to evil? Pluck it out!
Sept 25Disturb the balance, reap the whirlwind
Sept 23Can Noy still escape from Palace cabal?
Sept 21DoTC chopping up MRT is a costly idea
Sept 18Noy criticizing GMA abroad is in bad taste
Sept 16Emergency powers strip Noy of excuses
Sept 14Why Bangsamoro bill should not pass
Sept 11Bangsamoro: Noy’s good-or-bust game
Sept 09What Charter changes on aliens are needed?
Sept 07NLEx nightmare will recur unless…
Sept 04Show Gilas, Golan spirit in China row
Sept 02Poe, Pimentel probes: Contrasting attitudes
August 2014
Aug 31Transformation, si; Noy resignation, no
Aug 28Darkness to shroud last year of Noy term
Aug 26Clark as NAIA twin? Noy not interested
Aug 24Comelec can trip People’s Initiative
Aug 21Extra term to give Noy 11 new justices
Aug 19US is last Phl card in warding off China
Aug 17Con-Ass may moot Charter violations
Aug 14Steep dive of Noy rating irreversible?
Aug 12Only option for PH on sea row is to fight
Aug 10An act of charity begets another
Aug 07Can Aquino admin pass EDSA acid test?
Aug 05Filipino hospitality saved 1,300 Jews
Aug 03Instead of a coup, try commitments
July 2014
July 31Change the car, or replace the driver?
July 29SONA an extension of defense, offense
July 27Flying facts learned when one takes PAL
July 22Aquino-SC quarrel is all about money
July 20They saw power crisis coming, but didn’t act
July 17Noy’s other problem: Delayed Bangsamoro
July 15Will People’s Court clear Aquino on DAP?
July 13Circling the wagons, Cabinet had to clap
July 10Cross-border transfer motive is suspicious
July 08Why is P-Noy afraid to fire DAP’s author?
July 06Impeaching Aquino won’t solve the crisis
July 03Good Faith: SC tack for acquitting felons
July 01Abad has PDAF data to control lawmakers?
June 2014
June 29A political balancing act on DAP and EDCA
June 26Lying, credit grabbing on CoA audit of PDAF
June 24OIC: Merge MILF, MNLF peace pacts
June 22Pag-Ibig’s rejoinder to Delfin Lee claims
June 19Forbid mayors’ giving material aid to judges
June 17Dark politics behind jailing of Delfin Lee?
June 15Corruption to remain top poll issue in 2016
June 12A kind of TRO needed for Phl-China disputes
June 10Don’t confuse BFAR, Coast Guard functions
June 08What can P200 hike in SSS pension buy?
June 05Education is the key, but we’re bungling it
June 03Which is worse: To be on Napoles or Luy list?
June 01‘Among Ed’ a better choice for PCSO chair
May 2014
May 29Invoking UNCLOS, Noy defends Sino poachers
May 27Will SC strip Estrada of his political rights?
May 25GMA, Corona cited as exhibits at WEF
May 22Napoles to bring down fattened hogs with her?
May 20Rapprochement as option for US, China
May 18NAIA ignores wireless trend, eyes wired CCTV
May 15What must Senate do: Prosecute or legislate?
May 13Summon Napoles, not the list of Dr. De Lima
May 11Juico’s quitting PCSO seen as her liberation
May 08Balikatan: Making US presence felt to China
May 06Time to update mutual defense treaty with US
May 04Disputed isles in China sea outside MDT cover?
May 01EDCA isn’t any better than old bases accord
April 2014
Apr 29Aquino has to bargain with a ‘Barat’ Obama
Apr 27Entrust Napoles list to Tagle, not De Lima
Apr 24Jogging Janet’s brain, loosening her tongue
Apr 22When readers shoot the wrong messenger
Apr 20China explains why it rejects UN arbitration
Apr 17Waiting for Noy to tell US: ‘Give us the tools!’
Apr 15Bangsamoro: Noy’s make-or-break fight
Apr 13Why pro-Lifers won in RH case before SC
Apr 10Win-win ruling on RH sign of SC indecision?
Apr 08The law, not GMA or SC, farmed out Luisita
Apr 06Will Congress correct all Bangsamoro flaws?
Apr 03Bank defies court order to return P92M deposit
Apr 01China afraid its claim may be found baseless
March 2014
Mar 30Palace deal with MILF must pass 3 acid tests
Mar 27MILF deal won’t end Moro armed struggle
Mar 25How to hurdle ban on US military bases
Mar 23PH-China row antics hint at warlike drift
Mar 18PH-US deal does not need Senate approval
Mar 16Anti-smuggling COCAS worked before. Try it!
Mar 13FOI law may restrict, not open, flow of info
Mar 11PH-US talks to define ‘rotational’ presence?
Mar 09How Cunanan can pass test as state witness
Mar 06Publish income taxes paid by top gov’t execs
Mar 04Tell the whole truth on Sabah, MILF deal
Mar 02Why the press can’t be forced to bare sources
February 2014
Feb 27Good Ph-China fences make good neighbors?
Feb 25More state witnesses than targeted senators
Feb 23For sensitive media: No libel, no penalty!
Feb 20Traffic doctors better agree on common cure
Feb 18Stop pork barrel quiz, attend to lawmaking
Feb 16Plan for just 1 ticket for MRT, LRT delayed
Feb 13Ruby admits her crime, but fails to nail solons
Feb 11Destroy the evidence while making millions
Feb 09If DAP defeat certain, will Abad take the fall?
Feb 06Noy: MILF deal may be unconstitutional
Feb 04Does Philippine flag fly over MILF areas?
Feb 02Moving to higher ground to survive
January 2014
Jan 30SC must decide, not drop, DAP petitions
Jan 28Noy, MILF redraw map of Mindanao
Jan 26Setting up scapegoat won’t cut power rates
Jan 23Show CCTV record of Noy-Bong meeting
Jan 21Can a ‘Day of Prayer’ arrest Aquino’s slide?
Jan 19Stained-glass view of corruption varies
Jan 16Mekeni steps gingerly into Japanese market
Jan 14Gov’t most to blame for rising power rates
Jan 12Clark summit seeks clearer policy, plans
Jan 09Pope Francis advice: A good leader listens
Jan 07100-M population opens opportunity?
Jan 05Gov’t can save P3.4B on LTO infotech setup
Jan 02Gov’t conflicting roles as regulator and player

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