2002 Postscripts

December 2002
Dec 31Lotto: P100M in bets, but only P10M for pot
Dec 29Sharing tips for today’s P90-M Lotto jackpot!
Dec 26Surrender to the Lord, gain peace and fortitude
Dec 24GMA’s running in 2004 blamed for her problems
Dec 22Miscalculations sank MJ and Mike Arroyo
Dec 19Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo all had a hand in Impsa
Dec 17Erap okayed Impsa deal, but rejected $14-M offer?
Dec 15Hagedorn has sealed Roman’s fate at SC?
Dec 12Piatco fiasco shows how confused we are
Dec 10GMA’s time wasted by cronies’ infighting
Dec 08Power blocs’ infighting leaves GMA bloodied
Dec 05Even exile or divorce won’t calm Mike’s foes
Dec 03If innocent, Nani should press account’s opening
Dec 01Fresh GMA resolve will work only if we…
November 2002
Nov 28Dizzying megabucks deals involving (ND)
Nov 262004 elections behind plot to grab Meralco?
Nov 24ERB actually allowed Meralco rate increase
Nov 21Cocky lawyers could turn Ping into a martyr
Nov 19Where lahar failed, coal plant might just succeed
Nov 17Turn refund into shares, or credit it to future bills
Nov 14Nani knows Cabinet ‘Million-dollar Man’?
Nov 12Rx: Shock treatment, not a Cabinet shuffle
Nov 10Too early to celebrate on absentee voting law
Nov 07Can we shake off this feeling of despondency?
Nov 05Tan is better appreciated on Guam than in Manila
Nov 038,000 workers victims of Alvarez war on Picop
October 2002
Oct 31Piatco races with gov’t on opening of NAIA-3
Oct 29Thanks to GSIS’s swift action that saved a Luna!
Oct 27GMA has to deliver sample of big grafter
Oct 24Purging big-time grafters is easy, if GMA wants it
Oct 22Probers’ bungling more scary than terror blasts
Oct 20Rash of violence can lay basis for draconian moves
Oct 17Worst enemy of Bush is himself, not Saddam
Oct 15What to do with cheaper imports killing RP goods?
Oct 13Surefire way to win P165-M Lotto jackpot!
Oct 10Can bogus Lotto winners be inserted after the draw?
Oct 08GI’s death to firm up US presence in South?
Oct 06NAIA-3 won’t be ready by Dec. 15, but that’s OK
Oct 03Noli, FPJ chasing GMA in Palace’s tracking polls
Oct 01MJ a fugitive or not? Question stirs debate
September 2002
Sept 29MJ extradition case sets scary precedents
Sept 26Can state yield citizen’s rights sans his consent?
Sept 24Jail Chinese poachers, expel their ambassador
Sept 22Let’s open Naia-3 first, go after the crooks later
Sept 19Planning for alternate fuels needs integration
Sept 17Fraport to drop Chengs to save face, investment?
Sept 15We need stricter rules on guns and uniforms
Sept 12Recall by barangay chiefs may be legal, but not right
Sept 10DENR ready to take on Napocor on coal plants?
Sept 08Deportation issue tied to Sabah claim
Sept 05Drilon’s mistake was he strayed into the US
Sept 03What would Cong Dadong have done if he were here?
Sept 01Perez should shut up on Sabah legal issues
August 2002
Aug 29Solution to pollution is here, not in Africa
Aug 27Why is gov’t allowing massive coal poisoning?
Aug 25Finally, cheap & clean gas for motor vehicles
Aug 22UN airs warning on Asian Brown Cloud
Aug 20Why did Alvarez mislead GMA on Picop’s status?
Aug 18Alvarez adds Picop site to Diwalwal crisis area
Aug 15Gambling creates wealth? That’s an economic myth
Aug 13‘Terrorism’ must be taken in specific national context
Aug 11Shaming criminals useless; do it instead to top officials
Aug 08Sison must come home and lead NPA in battle
Aug 06Way to delay ripening of mango export found
Aug 04Jules, Assunta to wed in Batasan chamber?
Aug 01Here’s the list of banned GMO-tainted food items
July 2002
July 30Gov’t sleeps as GMOs slip into food products
July 28Sonny tied up anew in ‘something substantial’
July 25Why is gov’t allowing mass poisoning by coal?
July 23Jawo fastbreak makes Sonny’s flight useless
July 21Coal-fired power plants: Silent killers in our midst
July 18Corruption: Common political denominator?
July 16It’s final: Jancom deal is dead, and rightly so
July 14For a change, here’s a positive side of RP
July 11Angara actually pushing Ople into GMA’s arms?
July 09Cabinet officials & wives: Watch out for Gloria’s fury
July 07Nani to investigate self on IMPSA power deal?
July 04Why 70% of readers believe Sabaya is alive
July 025% of water bill goes to French consultants?
June 2002
June 30Mexico mangoes in US labelled as RP produce
June 27US gives final verdict: Sabaya is indeed dead
June 25With low exports, peso may sink to P120 to $1?
June 23Islamic scholar warns of 'double-faced' Moros
June 20Attack on GIs to sting US to bigger war role?
June 18FPJ to run in 2004? Why not Erap na lang?
June 16Pangilinan ace: He knows where Salim loot is buried
June 13Lopezes didn’t get back Meralco on silver platter
June 11Comelec should never be bipartisan, but nonpartisan
June 09Our heroic soldiers need unquestioning support
June 06Ruckus in Senate, House is nothing but a gang war
June 04To sic or not to sic US forces on Abus
June 02How to handle meddling media in hostage drama?
May 2002
May 30Read about Quezon's tiff with two IPPs -- and weep!
May 28SC must act fast to end debate over power rates
May 26Inefficiency, corruption behind high power costs
May 23Taxpayers, not solons, to bear PPA burden
May 21What Muslims want, they always get. Why?
May 19Palace need not invent ‘peaceful coup’ theory
May 16GMA: Erap to blame for Ramos PPA mess!
May 14The Constitution itself allows dual citizenship
May 12GMA’s modus vivendi with MILF is disturbing
May 09GMA cleans up Ramos mess over PPA charges
May 07Citizens can now hold their People’s Summit
May 05Political summit aims to protect politicians?
May 02A capitalist invented a cathartic Labor Day?
April 2002
Apr 30Javier: They can’t hide Carpio’s link to Jancom
Apr 28SC spokesman pokes finger into land deal?
Apr 25Oppositors bare Carpio links to Jancom contract
Apr 23The nation’s bleeding. We’ve got to act fast!
Apr 21Jancom deal epitomizes what’s wrong with gov’t
Apr 18Despite SC, Jancom deal is far from settled
Apr 16Amend Constitution? Amend ourselves first!
Apr 14BIR e-filing system isn’t quite ready yet
Apr 11Pampanga prepares for ‘second serving’
Apr 09FVR, please help solve problems you’ve created
Apr 07We dreamt of the Pope walking to Bethlehem
Apr 04RP calendar an endless cycle of siesta and fiesta
Apr 02We deserve something better & will pay for it
March 2002
Mar 31Palace-endorsed bill cuts RP seas in half
Mar 28‘Guess’ billboards reek with sex and depravity
Mar 26Yes, double Meralco rates -- at bahala na!
Mar 2484% of readers want US to hit Abu, MILF
Mar 21Outsider with connections nearly grabbed LRA post
Mar 19Like drivers, gov't execs must first pass drug tests
Mar 17US to fall into deeper hole in Basilan war?
Mar 14Big bucks -- what they’refighting over at Comelec
Mar 12How to force Erap to speed up his trial
Mar 10Sensing sure conviction, Erap looks for a way out
Mar 07Alvarez not qualified to talk of press payola
Mar 05Erap to bring down everything with him?
Mar 03Tan-gov’t partnership to boost PNB stability
February 2002
Feb 28Inconsistencies tie up Erap on Velarde issue
Feb 24Finally, a solution to the Abu problem?
Feb 21If we could just harness the vehemence of critics
Feb 19Why not a congressional move for a speedy trial?
Feb 17Embassy is now talking of US bases. What’s up?
Feb 14Is playing cops in Zambo part of Balikatan for GIs?
Feb 12GMA leaves Alvarezes to fend for themselves?
Feb 10Impeachment too deadly: Keep away from children
Feb 07Selling a newspaper is like selling a habit?
Feb 05More motorists assail leave-your-license rule
Feb 03It’s clear: AFP officers in charge of ‘Balikatan’
January 2002
Jan 31Why leave your driver’s license at village gate?
Jan 29Bush following GMA tack on US involvement
Jan 27Watch GMA develop into a real 'Iron Lady'
Jan 24Guingona blinked: He’ll stay with GMA
Jan 22Ramos wants to help? Make him Power Czar!
Jan 20GMA is overly cautious in debate over US forces
Jan 17GMA can change her mind on US troops, if…
Jan 15Constitution: Rallying point in political crises
Jan 13We can assemble a PC for Nur gratis et amore
Jan 10Citizens’ team, not COA, must audit PNCC books
Jan 08Why don’t we just ask the Fed to run our banks?
Jan 06How to nip coup talk: Ignore, ignore, ignore
Jan 03What’s wrong with us? Here’s another theory
Jan 01Start fresh, throw out the trash of the old year

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