2005 Postscripts

December 2005
Dec 29'Bridges to Nowhere'-- A test for Ombudsman
Dec 27Family amasses fortune from 'bridges to nowhere'
Dec 25On whose side is DTI? Credit card users, unite!
Dec 22Napocor mafia plotting Meralco takeover also?
Dec 20Parliament setup shuts out Pinoy voters abroad?
Dec 18Charter-change report tosses ball to Congress
Dec 15'Support' of US envoy sounds like a warning
Dec 13Cabalens' quarrel tests political mettle of GMA
Dec 11Choosing Chief Justice by seniority rule absurd
Dec 08Field day for peddlers of fake TLP insurance
Dec 06Politicos must keep out of the SEAG limelight
Dec 04OFW remittances beat electronics for top notch
Dec 01How Garci can handle those Congress probers
November 2005
Nov 29With $12B, OFWs now second only to electronics
Nov 27Abu, NPA simultaneous attacks are coordinated?
Nov 24China birds with flu can't reach Candaba
Nov 22Rash of killings doesn't disturb the President?
Nov 20'Black spots' on EDSA have claimed 15 lives so far
Nov 17What ever happened to NPC privatization?
Nov 15Is Gloria regaining her self-confidence?
Nov 13Why create more media foes when you can make friends?
Nov 10Selective boycott of oil firms will work only if...
Nov 08Here's how the Subic rape novella will end
Nov 06RP jurisdiction is clear in rape case against GIs
Nov 03Gov't hid fact that VAT is paid solely by consumer
Nov 01TIPCO, mayor face raps over noxious garbage site
October 2005
Oct 30We in media are part of the nation's problems
Oct 27Media can help direct or distort public opinion
Oct 25Gloria need not resign; she can just go on leave
Oct 23Why don't we protest gas price hikes instead?
Oct 20VAT hits consumers, not big businessmen
Oct 18Form triumvirate of past 3 presidents to help GMA
Oct 16Concrete slabs at U-turns still snagging more victims
Oct 13GMA biased against poor buyers of second-hand cars
Oct 11GMA should say so, if she can't fix Napocor problem
Oct 09Why Lacson, other VIPs are having sleepless nights
Oct 06Federal system for RP: A giant step backwards
Oct 04Disqualify ConAss solons from holding public office
Oct 02Why GMA has to play rough with opposition
September 2005
Sept 29VAT's adoption depends on IMF, not on the people
Sept 27Read what the law says about public assemblies
Sept 25Binay is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs
Sept 22Debt-equity swap to reap minimal benefits for RP
Sept 20Angelo, GMA's favorite truck driver, now jobless
Sept 18Yes, Erap has shown me data that may be classified
Sept 15Biggest RP oil firm also starting to feel the crunch
Sept 13Mr. Estrada a flight risk? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Sept 11Battle of Taipans seen in tug-o-war for Naia-3
Sept 08What is truth? Can we ever find it in the streets?
Sept 06Bishops' getting Pagcor funds raises ethical points
Sept 04Best move of Arroyo: Confide to the people
Sept 01If really innocent, GMA should not fear the truth
August 2005
Aug 30Is Saudi trip of GMA needed to get cheap oil?
Aug 28Oil crisis heaven-sent for embattled President
Aug 25Jueteng to resurrect in laundered raiment?
Aug 23Seeking alliances, GMA is forced to compromise
Aug 21When we see officials biking, then we'll follow
Aug 18Clark investors restive over SC ruling on taxes
Aug 16Confusion explains why taped dialog is unrealiable
Aug 14Fernando's road traps continue to snag victims
Aug 11Pampanga officials sure of GMA surviving crisis
Aug 09Fernando's death traps dot Metro thoroughfares
Aug 07Hagedorn has Sept. 15 deadline to stop jueteng
Aug 04Are GMA's blue dresses, boyish hairdo also an issue?
Aug 02Will working overtime on her PR save Gloria?
July 2005
July 31Car, appliance prices to go up next month?
July 28Between law and anarchy, choice is clear for Pinoys
July 26GMA's sweeping solution to crisis: Charter change
July 2461% of respondents want GMA to stay on
July 21Middle Class coming out in droves to keep GMA
July 19Send Gonzalez to pasture, keep him off krissy daisies
July 17GSIS, SSS want 7 of 15 seats on EPCIBank board
July 14Assuming GMA quits, what awaits the nation?
July 12Other enemies of GMA crowding out opposition
July 10Why pick on GMA only? Opposition is blameless?
July 07Let's fix the house first, and we can quarrel later
July 05It's cruel to blame GMA for all of RP's problems
July 03GMA and the nation can use a Holy Retreat
June 2005
June 30GMA will lose it all, if she just reacts to media
June 28Will GMA 'mea culpa' afford her a fresh start?
June 26GMA options: Go on leave or change charter
June 23But which of many CD recordings is authentic?
June 21Pinoy scientist wins Expo award for coco coir project
June 19Hanging tough, Gloria is likely to ride out crisis
June 16Handlers pushing Noli's taking over from GMA
June 14Christ said: If thy hand offend thee, cut it off...
June 12Estrada as transition president? Hear this...
June 09If GMA can be bugged, this Republic is not safe
June 07DFA's leasing $10,000 NY apartment explained
June 05Reserve Boracay resort for wounded soldiers?
June 02Temporary fiscal crisis hits VIPs on jueteng list
May 2005
May 31Some officials work harder than salesmen of new cars
May 29What media need is not guns but professionalism
May 26Suddenly, all of Luzon is virtually jueteng-free!
May 22Wrong for journalists to fight fire with fire?
May 19Not only journalists fall in rash of assassinations
May 17On media murders: Who is a journalist?
May 15GMA steps in to stop fumbling of husband
May 12Mike quits press club; another journalist slain
May 10Foes of press freedom continue threatening us
May 08But for early claimants, 'twas a pre-need bonanza
May 05Another journalist silenced in 'most murderous' nation!
May 03Who's unfair in GMA's ban on used-car imports?
May 01Humpty Dumpty falls off Palace wall. What's next?
April 2005
Apr 28Solons busy protecting clients in VAT debate?
Apr 26Who in the Palace gets the usual 'jueteng' tong?
Apr 24Officials, not the people, must take 'bitter pill' first
Apr 21'Soli Pera' looks better than possible total loss
Apr 19Big Deceptions blur full view of VAT bill
Apr 17CDC, SM justify deal on Clark shopping mall
Apr 14Why there should not be another SM mall at Clark
Apr 12If your pre-need firm offers Soli Pera, grab it!
Apr 10Education crisis looms with runaway fee hikes
Apr 07Fernando Fink: Official color of Metro Manila?
Apr 05IPU confab a tourism event in the hosts' eyes?
Apr 03Spare the Pope the tubes; let him pass on in dignity
March 2005
Mar 31Let courts, not senators, decide case against bank
Mar 27You believe in Easter? Edith Burns might ask
Mar 24How to shame crooks lording it over society?
Mar 22Senate unwitting tool in $2M collection bid?
Mar 20Malaysia wins Sipadan, Ligitan; Sabah is next?
Mar 17Will the genuine Sulu sultan please stand up?
Mar 15Why do Filipinos need KL visas to go to Sabah?
Mar 13Pagcor bosses face tough plunder case
Mar 10Can Senate hold line against tax machine?
Mar 08Cellphone firms pocket unused prepaid credits
Mar 06GMA is right: Sock it to the Moro rebels
Mar 03Senators pull a fast one on pork-addicted solons
Mar 0112% VAT on power enough to kill industry
February 2005
Feb 27Eeek, Comelec trying to salvage flawed deal!
Feb 24Consumers, not traders, made to bear final VAT
Feb 22VAT just another way of skinning the carabao
Feb 20CHEd officials see new nursing schools as rivals?
Feb 17'Sun' upsets celfon giants? Dats good 4us subscribers
Feb 15Time to lift, or review, total ban on logging?
Feb 13GMA: Use part of NLEx toll for alternate highway
Feb 10Who are torture victims? How much will each get?
Feb 08GMA an agent of US court on torture cases?
Feb 06Oo nga naman, how do we eat a 6.1% growth?
Feb 03'Soli pera' -- option left for planholders of CAP
Feb 01Bush is the real winner in Iraq war-time election
January 2005
Jan 30Watch migratory birds in the Candaba swamp
Jan 27US spying on RP: Aren'twe doing it to them, too?
Jan 25Bare DoF, DTI, BSP appointments as a team
Jan 23Can 'lateral attrition' weed out the crooks?
Jan 20Build now-pay later plan for calamity area bridges
Jan 18Higher VAT on telcos better than franchise tax?
Jan 16Taulava is as Pinoy as Gonzales of DoJ
Jan 13High time gov't put up or shut up on Tan case
Jan 11With ineffective gov't, is it now kanya-kanya?
Jan 09Naia-3 arbitration looks like forum shopping to us
Jan 06We'll pay very dearly for setback in NAIA-3
Jan 04Gov't neglected alternate routes to toll expressways
Jan 02Building bridges instead of walls...

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