1999 Postscripts

December 1999
Dec 30Your money's safer in the bank than at home
Dec 28After computers, people themselves are Y2K-ready
Dec 26PC virus attacks timed with Y2K confusion
Dec 23Brightest full moon, killer quake this week? Not true!
Dec 21Court of last resort on oil price issue -- the streets?
Dec 19Erap can try Ninoy's solution to smuggling
Dec 16Even leeches drop off after having their fill
Dec 14How come no pictures of jellyfish were shown?
Dec 12Cut the bull, ship back toxic wastes to Japan!
Dec 09Envoy's overreaction to Stratfor intriguing
Dec 07Envoy erred in believing what the Palace told him
Dec 05Good roads not spared in yearend repair frenzy
Dec 02What Erap told son JV when he last wrote him
November 1999
Nov 30Foreigners need not own land to make it productive
Nov 28Erap can purge Cabinet without giving deadline
Nov 25They are in cyberspace, and we’re on a jeepney
Nov 23To compete globally, we must open up, slug it out
Nov 21Police need not solicit Xmas gifts on the sly
Nov 18With Ping at PNP, buck goes all the way to Erap
Nov 16Chinese dragon breathes down on poor Filipinos!
Nov 14Crisis team can just look at Erap and find solution
Nov 11Graft pads MRT fare; Xmas deadline too close
Nov 09Despite flak, NPC deal is likely to push through
Nov 07Marcos gold yarn meant to buy global clearance
Nov 04Giving land to aliens while neglecting agrarian reform
Nov 02Was your long weekend wasted on a hectic sked?
October 1999
Oct 31Dingel rejects 1,000-km test run for his hydrocar
Oct 28Who’ll give Erap money to buy back poll standing?
Oct 26Estrada could resort to Dingelizer or OilEx
Oct 24DoST: Dingel defies thermodynamics laws!
Oct 21Let’s test-run Dingel’s hydrocar for 1,000 kms
Oct 19Review of cases implies SC has no conscience?
Oct 17Erap to have hard time recovering poll standing
Oct 14Knowing Erap’s weakness, Ho scores big with Palace
Oct 12Quake-proofing of MRT, overpasses, bridges solid?
Oct 10Erap can keep both Puno and Santiago
Oct 07Gov’t not interested in water-powered car?
Oct 05Like gunowners, solons also need psycho tests?
Oct 03There’s no such thing as covenant among politicos
September 1999
Sept 30Villar a housing Santa or astute businessman?
Sept 26Dignity for Estrada’s officials or the people?
Sept 23How dual citizenship is recognized by gov’t
Sept 21Answer to oil cartel: Water-powered car!
Sept 19FilAms, dual citizens need not get ACRs
Sept 16Send only Asean forces to Timor
Sept 14Send only Asean police to keep peace on Timor
Sept 12Sedition raps a cure for a ‘virtual nitwit’?
Sept 09Bad news for Pinoys owing US allegiance
Sept 07Some are still smarter than others under Erap
Sept 05Go after smugglers? Depende sa smuggler!
Sept 02Dual citizenship is legal, SC rules
August 1999
Aug 29SC rules that dual citizenship is legal
Aug 10Those born before 1946 are still US nationals?
July 1999
July 29Garchitorena’s right in freezing screw fund
July 27Stuck with Erap, even critics may have to help
July 25Anarchists exploiting press freedom conflict?
July 22Who has the last word -- the owners or the editors?
July 20Malacañang pal buying control of major paper?
July 18Press freedom not related to movie ads
July 15Marcoses are buying clearance for $150M
July 13Erap getting confused on PNB screw account
July 11Rights abuse victims can’t bind all Filipinos
July 08Meldy buying absolution from cash-strapped Erap
July 06Clearance of Marcoses is total and irreversible
July 04Will Imelda please tell us how much taxes she’s paid?
July 01A kid should blurt out: Erap has no clothes on!
June 1999
June 29Like gambling, Erap gov’t is a game of chance, not skill
June 27Erap has to mend fences with upper-middle class
June 24Poll on Erap term shows growing disappointment
June 22Your chance to rate Erap on his first year in office
June 20At railroad crossing, do we stop or drink gin first?
June 17Avaricious oil firms suck in more blood
June 15No way can China win this battle of the maps
June 13Miriam’s mad we bought $27 cuffs for only $10?
June 10With raging turf wars, can Estrada team last?
June 08When caught in traffic violation, cite Article V
June 06Scarborough is outside RP, our own map says
June 03What to do if virus alert comes with your email?
June 01Estrada a court higher than SC?
May 1999
May 30Join the crew, or get a penpal? No, don’t!
May 27VFA was never meant to be a security shield
May 25US will abuse VFA only if Filipinos allow it
May 23When a car accident rips up a boy’s heart
May 20US visas for VFA approval? Not true!
May 18Lasti and Lacson should leave, not just go on leave
May 16Jinggoy right on PW being under local execs
May 13Alien airlines enjoy edge over PAL in its own base
May 11Tan’s new $200M infusion won’t rescue PAL, unless…
May 09Erap confirms Ping is really untouchable
May 06Marcoses, not RP gov’t, should produce $150M
May 04Imported sugar is cheaper, but won’t be retailed cheap
May 02Guingona’s running to SC in desperation
March 1999
Mar 23Theory of relativity a problem for Erap
Mar 21Give your kid a PC, give him a headstart
Mar 18People have the right not to pay unjust taxes
Mar 16Morato must protect source of casino tape
Mar 14What to do to beat that pesky Y2K Bug
Mar 11Marcos victims to plead their case all over again?
Mar 09Why pay rebels hurt in their own rebellion?
Mar 07New taxes? Collect P23B from Marcoses instead
Mar 04Let me assemble you a computer!
Mar 02Moros missing chance for peace and progress
February 1999
Feb 28How to drive and beat city traffic, made easy
Feb 25Marcoses are back. So why rejoice over EDSA?
Feb 23An intimidated press is useless to Estrada
Feb 21Will Estrada’s scare tactics work on media?
Feb 18Why not focus first on SALs of officials?
Feb 16PNB ‘screw’ account, VAT gimmick flayed
Feb 14Free Valentine concert, hot goto, singing solons
Feb 11Honasan, a senator, still has to grow up
Feb 09We need presidential anger for faster action
Feb 07Politicians can now wash their hands of Leo’s blood
Feb 04Erap is a spokesman of US and Marcoses?
Feb 02Erap also a spokesman of US on VFA issues?
January 1999
Jan 31Marcoses shouldn’t be too garrulous, arrogant
Jan 28NDF wants to talk? Let them come to RP
Jan 26Baby E should escape from her mental prison
Jan 24Who gets commission for fixing Marcos cases?
Jan 21Proponents of Marcos settlement desperate?
Jan 19No to any compromise, immunity for Marcoses
Jan 17Why JV isn’t openly rejecting House seat
Jan 14Golez's document is not a House resolution
Jan 12Erap’s son is better off rejecting a House seat
Jan 10Reject sectoral solons smuggled by Comelec
Jan 07Let’s leave out God in death penalty debate
Jan 05SC reprieve for rapist a cheap PR gimmick?
Jan 03Lighten your burden; toss out your garbage

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