2003 Postscripts

December 2003
Dec 302004 Showdown topbills GMA-Noli vs FPJ-Loren
Dec 28It’s Loren vs Noli in vice prexy fight
Dec 25FPJ bid may just jolt us back to our senses
Dec 23FPJ rides on protest votes, not fan support
Dec 21Who’s this Lord who can stop Bro. Eddie’s running?
Dec 18Lazy voters must share blame for list-up mess
Dec 16Registration mess a deliberate move?
Dec 14Forget the trapos; vote for Pacquiao!
Dec 11Being onion-skinned now the fad under GMA?
Dec 09Law must have teeth for it to be a deterrent
Dec 07Let’s have a political ceasefire till Epiphany
Dec 04Meralco explains items in unbundled power bill
Dec 02Biggest rival of GMA isn’t Da King but Roco
November 2003
Nov 30FPJ is heaven-sent with urgent message
Nov 27FPJ popularity rating high indeed, but it’s flat
Nov 25Aside from Meralco bill, we pay for NPC’s debts?
Nov 23Ignominious fall to showbiz level
Nov 20PPA not on Meralco bill, but it’s still there
Nov 18Pacquiao used FPJ’s machine-gun punches
Nov 16Treasure awaits lucky Subic Bay contractor
Nov 13Can Comelec safeguard integrity of 2004 polls?
Nov 11Suicidal for House to defy SC decision
Nov 09We admire Villaruel, not his violent means
Nov 06Only politicians win in ‘win-win’ solution
Nov 04Why is Abalos insisting on P300-M quick count?
Nov 02Constitutional crisis? No, it’s a moral crisis!
October 2003
Oct 30Davide must defend independence of SC
Oct 2895% of texters support Davide, buck FPJ bid
Oct 26FPJ is a good man, but is he ready for it?
Oct 23Can gov’t resist extort moves on Naia-3 deal?
Oct 21GMA barkers giving bad twist to Bush visit
Oct 19Bush was delivering message ‘urbi et orbi’
Oct 16Bush shows advisories vs RP travel baseless
Oct 14MJ didn’t give Ping original Pidal checks?
Oct 12Three-cornered fight seen among GMA, FPJ, Roco
Oct 09If 2004 election isn’t credible, it’s the end!/a>
Oct 07Season for Camacho to spook GSIS chief
Oct 05GMA draws clearer battle lines for 2004
Oct 02Bush doesn’t trust his Batasan hosts?
September 2003
Sept 30From mendicancy, a slide to prostitution?
Sept 2833 days left to register for elections in 2004
Sept 25You know what your kids see on their PCs?
Sept 23GMA-Lacson war good for Roco and Cojuangco
Sept 21We fight over the chicks even before the eggs hatch
Sept 18VAT bill to hike cost of electricity by 10%
Sept 16Vicky has no duty to answer senators
Sept 14Prayer rallies bad for the Lord’s health
Sept 11Americans don’t feel safer 2 years after 9/11
Sept 09Who’s the senator who will cast the first stone?
Sept 07Some senators need review on basic facts
Sept 04Udong out-performs his lawyer-boss Mike
Sept 02Nation is drowning in politicians’ saliva
August 2003
Aug 31Why a senator chose hell instead of heaven
Aug 28US policy now looks kindly on dual citizens
Aug 26Dual citizenship law may breed frustration
Aug 24GMA on husband’s case: He’s on his own
Aug 21Palace can’t tell press how to cover the news
Aug 19Ninoy message: Reform via peaceful, legal means
Aug 17Huge SM mall to rise near Clark main gate
Aug 14RA 7055: Kudeta raps to be filed in civil court
Aug 12It’s GMA sworn duty to prosecute putschists
Aug 10Laarni to face charges, while Gringo’s hiding!
Aug 07Hi-tech ‘Tomb Raider’ gear used in Oakwood
Aug 05Oakwood revalidated Arroyo’s presidency
Aug 03How to prevent solons’ muddling soldiers’ case
July 2003
July 31That was not a mutiny, but a failed coup d’etat
July 29GMA gave a face to SONA concerns
July 27State of nation depends on one’s political color
July 24How do you like your eggs in the morning?
July 22Judiciary also on trial in lifestyle graft cases
July 20Who gave away RP skies to US carriers?
July 17US bankruptcy move to haunt Mirant in RP
July 15Garcia programs can save P100B for gov’t
July 13How will Danding fight without his coco funds?
July 10GMA won’t decide while ratings are low
July 08GMA faces acid test in resolving Naia row
July 06What will make GMA run again in 2004 polls?
July 03Legal warfare injurious to GMA, Erap and SC
July 01US ports unfriendly to ‘balikbayan’ box
June 2003
June 29US wants to recreate world to its own image
June 26Bush may just end up with a Vietnam-II war
June 2410M jobs coming up in post-recession US
June 22Bush has to keep Saddam alive in Americans’ minds
June 19Survey shows broad support for Iraq war
June 17Impeachment rap to benefit Danding
June 15State forum to review US war policy issues
June 1262% of readers reject compromise on Erap
June 10Compromise on Erap draws varied reactions
June 08SC + GMA + Estrada = win-win settlement
June 05SC need not worry -- if it hewed to the law
June 03Impeachment of SC justices is a long shot
June 01Bias may disqualify 13 of 15 SC justices?
May 2003
May 29SC justices disqualified from hearing Erap case?
May 27Will SC risk triggering crisis by rebuffing Erap?
May 25New Erap bid reopens SC decision on GMA
May 22Windfall of US visit: GMA running in 2004
May 20Why LRT trains stopped in their tracks yesterday
May 18Ping’s inhibition bid invites judicial chaos
May 15Mindanao violence serves US interests
May 13Piatco audit to open another can of worms
May 11Senators being baited with Parliament seats
May 08If you like JDV, go along with ConAss
May 06SC ruling on Piatco: Shock & awe effects
May 04Appointing career chief for PW a master stroke
May 01As PW boss, Fernando stepped on sensitive toes
April 2003
Apr 29The poor have weaker defense against SARS
Apr 27Half-baked automation: Recipe for poll disaster?
Apr 24Stores selling face masks that are useless vs SARS?
Apr 22We’ve invited ourselves to victory party on Iraq
Apr 20Warning: Newspapers may be habit-forming!
Apr 17New RP envoy to Iraq named a bit too early?
Apr 15Fast action by Iraqis can abort puppet gov’t
Apr 13TV presents distorted view of Iraq situation
Apr 10Finally, Saddam finds gracious exit from war
Apr 08Next battles to be fought over Iraq oil, rehab deals
Apr 06Ping’s being persecuted? No, it’s him maligning SC
Apr 03PPA cut evades key issue, may trigger bigger crisis
Apr 01BF wants more Pasig bridges to ease traffic
March 2003
Mar 30Bush may win the Iraq war, but lose the world
Mar 27New car tax scheme is biased for the rich
Mar 25Bush is now invoking Geneva conventions!
Mar 23The game that Bush plays is duplicity, not diplomacy
Mar 20US support for the boys not necessarily for Bush
Mar 18Catch a dashing AUV before taxes, prices rise
Mar 16Cost of electricity could be cut, if only…
Mar 13Bush Sr. tells Bush Jr.: Unilateral war is risky
Mar 11Bush vs Carter: Spot the glaring difference
Mar 09Bush to disregard UN? Why not just abolish it?
Mar 06Bums in gov’t more scary than bombs in Mindanao
Mar 04If fund is found legit, FATF must pay fine!
Mar 0203/03/03 a perfect time to pray for world peace
February 2003
Feb 27Agile: Case of either rape or prostitution
Feb 25Test your knowledge of US-Iraq war issues
Feb 23Bush’s war becoming a liability for GMA?
Feb 20US lobby, local runners shape key gov’t policies?
Feb 18Full disclosure of Bush psychiatric files needed
Feb 16Can Meralco recapture the old ‘golden years’?
Feb 13Land distribution is not agrarian reform
Feb 11Senate under the gun on money-launder bill
Feb 09GMA to press closure of Marcos, coco cases
Feb 06‘Green card’ holders aren’t qualified, but…
Feb 04Mine eyes have seen the Columbia omen
Feb 02Absentee voting law allows dual residence?
January 2003
Jan 30US invasion of Iraq case of might is right
Jan 28PPA bad enough? Here’s another one!
Jan 26How do we measure the power of prayer?
Jan 23FPJ to call Con-con in his first 100 Days?
Jan 21Watch out, VAT might prod FPJ to run in 2004!
Jan 19How President gets skewered by media
Jan 16Why Impsa still needed Nani despite Erap okay
Jan 14Cabinet men must also renounce election plans
Jan 12Hello, is the country listening to GMA?
Jan 09Without follow-through, GMA losing momentum
Jan 07Sim advised to stop sale of legal opinions
Jan 05Faddish to praise GMA and pledge cooperation
Jan 02Followup more crucial than dropping 2004 bid

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