2016 Postscripts

December 2016
Dec 29Rody to name 12 of 15 SC justices
Dec 27Herod’s ilk still stalks the earth
Dec 25‘Ang Pasko ay sumapit!’
Dec 22Duterte deserves a Christmas break
Dec 20Being unsafe right in the nat’l capital
Dec 18Give China all Phl areas it’s claiming
Dec 15Duterte has faith in the Filipino?
Dec 13‘Slaughtering us like animals’
Dec 11Lawyers hit Du30 threats on drugs
Dec 08Arrogance of power rears its ugly head
Dec 06Trump gave Du30 the ‘Sharif’ routine?
Dec 04Trump lauds grisly Duterte drug drive?
Dec 01Killing drug addicts is not the solution
November 2016
Nov 29Is Du30 confused, or confusing ASG?
Nov 27Sneak hero’s burial arouses the youth
Nov 22Trump flip-flops keep Phl guessing
Nov 20Marcos should lie in peace in Ilocos
Nov 17Traffic solutions discussed to death
Nov 15SC can’t execute cons, but cops do
Nov 13Du30 takes blame for Espinosa slay?
Nov 10In victory, Trump appeals for unity
Nov 08How US election can impact on Phl
Nov 06‘Reds’ imbedded in Du30 Cabinet?
Nov 03RRD-FVR: Divorce or just separation?
Nov 01Panatag situation uneven, unstable
October 2016
Oct 30Duterte delivers: Back to Panatag!
Oct 27Duterte arrived too early/too late
Oct 25What China means by ‘few more days’
Oct 23Panatag trumped by $24-B promise
Oct 20What price is Du30 paying for Panatag?
Oct 18Panatag at center of Duterte mission
Oct 16Reek of EJK blood reaches int’l court
Oct 13Consult the people before the Yangtze
Oct 11It’s not all gov’t, but also people
Oct 09Catch Du30 before he crosses Yangtze
Oct 04Du30 derogating his only leverage
Oct 02How to pull Du30 from the Rubicon?
September 2016
Sept 29How will Fil-Ams vote in US polls?
Sept 27Is sniffing incense worse than shabu?
Sept 25Change is coming: Flip-flop pa more!
Sept 22Fold the EJK circus, focus on lawmaking
Sept 20Deadline pressure on cops to kill, kill!
Sept 18Will Duterte bend with the tempest?
Sept 15Picking up Duterte diplomatic litter
Sept 13‘Putang ina’ cuss is no minor issue
Sept 11Obama also fired own ‘Putin-inamo’
Sept 08Finishing school for presidents?
Sept 06Xi ready to lose Duterte in Laos?
Sept 04Davao terror blast nips Obama lecture
Sept 01Panatag: Face-saver for Beijing, Manila
August 2016
Aug 30Phl, China, US: a ménage à trois
Aug 28Under ceasefire, NPA keeps territory?
Aug 25Ask if it’s joke time when covering RRD
Aug 23Tap Freeport execs in planning growth
Aug 21Ease the mad rush to execute so many
Aug 18War jitters delay Clark, Subic plans?
Aug 16FVR broke the ice, didn’t hit iceberg
Aug 14Phl, China can find mutual gain in talks
Aug 11Tough taskmaster whips us into line
Aug 09Lone Pampanga mayor on ‘D-List’
Aug 07Midnight escape from MRT suits?
Aug 04Con-Ass to waste, not save, money
Aug 02Why would NDF want a ceasefire?
July 2016
July 31Talks with China: Open with caution
July 286-month deadline ups pressure to kill
July 26True test of FOI is in its exceptions
July 24Trump anti-crime line looks familiar
July 21Casino rises soon near US embassy
July 19Panatag holds key to Phl-China row
July 17Phl, China told: Panatag is for all
July 14Manila buys time, Beijing saves face
July 12Arbitration ruling creates dilemma
July 10Are we convinced or just intimidated?
July 07Du30 narco drive crashes legal hump
July 05Lawmakers rush Duterte pet bills
July 03The Duterte style: Direct to the point
June 2016
June 30Buko juice removed from Duterte menu
June 28Awaiting Rody’s metamorphosis
June 26Brexit has minimal dire effects on Phl
June 23No instant reprisal under Phl-US pact
June 21Extrajudicial killings ‘okay’ with Aquino?
June 19Noy not a new kid on the Twitter block
June 16Youthful audacity vs official timidity
June 14Laur seen thru eyes of 13-year-old Noy
June 12Unfair to give SOCE extension to Roxas
June 09Ending ‘endo’ to test Duterte vow to labor
June 07Sendoff graft charges set against Lina et al.
June 05High time Rody grew into the presidency
June 02Which friend to visit first: China or the US?
May 2016
May 31Aquino: US brokered failed Panatag deal
May 29Mindanao lady general for DND?
May 24Pineda clout waning in Pampanga polls?
May 2212 senators’ victory firms up Leni’s win?
May 19Can Duterte refocus US-China rivalry?
May 17After winning comes hard part -- governing
May 15Don’t tweak server’s script during a count
May 12Top campaigner of Du30 was Aquino
May 10The day after: It’s in God’s hands now
May 08DEMAGOGUE: The dirty ‘D’ word
May 05Davao death squad to go national, if…?
May 03Bishops unite, act to block Duterte!
May 01It all boils down to one’s character
April 2016
April 28Why we must not trust survey results
April 26Poe’s hubby starts expatriation process
April 24Senate quiz on $81M scandal laundered?
April 21Roxas vows faster Clark airport upgrade
April 19Catch Duterte by his gaping mouth
April 17Envoy hits ‘A-class’ condo sale abuses
April 14To err or earn: The dilemma on AMLA
April 12‘A-class’ con artists dupe condo buyers
April 10No clear SC ruling on Poe’s citizenship
April 07Battle of deceptive surveys of candidates
April 05Noy is only official with majority approval
April 03Noy-media mutual criticisms both valid
March 2016
March 31Throwing away food in the midst of want
March 29Why issue over Poe's citizenship lingers
March 27Easter lesson: Be forgiving in victory
March 24Mar has 4Ps? Jojo has 5Ps, Digong 6Ps
March 22Entertainment value of debate improves
March 20No parking area yet for new MRT trains
March 17Noy has only himself to blame for BBL loss
March 15CJ must show tally of votes on 2 issues
March 13Election campaign rages in cyberspace
March 10 30-year sequestration of Philcomsat lifted
March 08Weary? It’s time for Lenten retreat
March 06Each baby is born with P62,235 debt
March 03SC justices agonize over Poe DQ ruling
March 01Experiential museum vs today’s reality
February 2016
Feb 28EDSA just a revolt, not a ‘Revolution’
Feb 25Better delay ruling on Phl-China row
Feb 23Presidential debate winners: Roxas, Poe
Feb 21Pope to us: Build bridges, not walls
Feb 18US-ASEAN summit fails to isolate China
Feb 16GMA plea tests SC independence
Feb 14Poe cases ready for SC resolution
Feb 11SC oral arguments expose feet of clay
Feb 09High-stakes SC race with ballot printing
Feb 07Lourdes hospital reacts to complaint
Feb 04Affordable health care still a dream
Feb 02Wrong to exempt solons from gun ban
January 2016
Jan 31‘The Macabebe in Noynoy Aquino’
Jan 28No ‘Stand down’ order from P-Noy
Jan 26Cop’s ‘coverup’ story may snag JPE exposé
Jan 24Narco-corruption has gone inclusive?
Jan 21Bloggers protected by revised libel law?
Jan 19Ombudsman asked: Look into SSS mess
Jan 17Pensioners to suffer due to SSS bungling?
Jan 14Philippines, US agree: EDCA not a treaty
Jan 12Survey: Top election issue still economics
Jan 10Ombudsman -- last hope to oust Abaya
Jan 07Global tempests test Phl resilience
Jan 05Unsolicited advice to exiting President
Jan 03Hope for the New Year: Peace and prosperity

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