2018 Postscripts

December 2018
Dec 30Duterte -- the man to beat in 2019 polls
Dec 27Most Pinoys think US will defend them
Dec 25A Christmas Tree: Faith, hope, charity
Dec 23When admin itself does the bullying…
Dec 18House bullies crave for road fund pork?
Dec 16Martial Law is an admission of failure
Dec 04Pope is endorsing Duterte drug drive?
Dec 02PAL long-haul jets help shrink globe
November 2018
Nov 27Summing up fight for power franchise
Nov 25MoU is no ‘sell-out’ nor ‘act of betrayal’
Nov 22Key question: Can we trust Duterte?
Nov 20Xi seeks improved ties with visit today
Nov 18Duterte is China’s voice in ASEAN?
Nov 15Is there a warrant for Imelda’s arrest?
Nov 13Imelda at 89 is too old to be arrested?
Nov 11Mayor must be first in line for drug test
Nov 08Trump’s drubbing should jolt Duterte
Nov 06Midterm election a Du30 referendum
Nov 04‘We have a very sick man for President’
Nov 01Troops sent to BoC to test law’s limits?
October 2018
Oct 30Who’ll now police the police, general?
Oct 28Solving a problem like Des Mangaoang
Oct 25What Trillanes won was just a reprieve
Oct 23Consumers caught in franchise dispute
Oct 21Haley cites charity of Catholic church
Oct 16Mega-lotto bettors can gun for P35-B!
Oct 14‘Red October’ plot: Was it ever there?
Oct 11Duterte announces he is free of cancer!
Oct 09The daily question: Who is in charge?
Oct 04Welcome, Mocha, to private media!
Oct 02Trillanes case: Legal and moral dilemma
September 2018
Sept 30Apologists mop up Duterte’s EJK spills
Sept 27Overkill: Trillanes looking presidential?
Sept 25Du30 terminally ill? Doesn’t seem like it
Sept 23‘Inclusive growth program on course’
Sept 20RTC judges’ courage to rouse SC justices?
Sept 18Man-made rice crisis worse than typhoon
Sept 16Can’t Duterte just ignore Trillanes?
Sept 13Who warned Duterte of plot against him?
Sept 11October windmills of Duterte’s mind
Sept 06Ugly pattern of gov’t taking back its word
Sept 04Quezon gave haven to persecuted Jews
Sept 02Hangar obstructing end of Clark runway
August 2018
Aug 30NAIA’s twin gate: Clark or Bulakan?
Aug 28It’s done. No point opposing De Castro
Aug 26Du30 latest victim of ‘Norwegia’ virus
Aug 23Cohen pleads guilty; Manafort convicted
Aug 21Importing fish: Sign of mismanagement
Aug 19Duterte ‘telling’ PET to favor Bongbong?
Aug 16Believe sniffer dogs rather than Duterte?
Aug 14Just let Customs go to the dogs!
Aug 12Du30 still has time to drop federalism
Aug 09The majority picks the minority leader!
Aug 07House battle rages over minority leader
Aug 05Casinos: Location, location, location!
Aug 02Carpio CJ favorite; Bersamin close 2nd
July 2018
July 29Federalism: Stupid to cut up a nation
July 26Today, I’ll bore you with trade secrets
July 24House revolt bares crack in leadership
July 22Red lights flashing on cyber-terrorism
July 19Trump trusts Putin as Duterte does Xi
July 15Duterte’s difficult road to Damascus
July 12Du30 not resigning, not tired, after all!
July 10Comelec affirms 25% oval-shading
July 08Another Du30 train coming: Federalism
July 05Climate of fear: A conditioning?
July 03Duterte rates his 2nd year as ‘fruitful’
July 01Who’ll give in first in CBCP-Du30 tiff?
June 2018
June 28Duterte better drop subject of religion
June 26Drug-test officials before school kids
June 24Duterte rants on, calls God stupid!
June 21No arbitral court to hear Phl plea?
June 19China holds Panatag, but no one owns it
June 17Fingerprints help trace fake FilAms
June 14Fixing MRT: Japan vs Sobrepeña plan
June 12Golez’s untimely death a great loss
June 10What Bourdain said of Duterte’s regime
June 07Change is upon us: Moral bar lowered
June 05That kiss was gross. Beso-beso na lang!
June 03US assurances too little, too late?
May 2018
May 31Political will useless sans moral compass
May 29Palace laments US reluctance to help
May 27How many islands does Phl still have?
May 24Du30 China policy has public support?
May 22Full report needed on China intrusion
May 17Is Duterte a traitor or plain pragmatist?
May 15Pinay maids given better Kuwait deal
May 13Just lost a battle? Keep faith, fight on!
May 10Playing solo, Duterte sure to lose to China
May 06Can Duterte say no to the Red Dragon?
May 03DFA amateur hour over for Cayetano?
May 01Will Duterte keep his word to Labor?
April 2018
April 22Constitution out, China’s goodies in
April 19Wanted: SC that’s truly independent
April 17Boracay awaiting master rehab plan
April 15The happy presence of Pinoys worldwide
April 12Playing high stakes in game with China
April 10Frustrated netizen writes to the 16M
April 08End NAIA capacity, efficiency troubles
April 05Gag Leni, Bongbong on VP poll recount
April 03No need to talk dirty like Duterte
April 01Tired Filipinos long for Easter Sunday
March 2018
Mar 29Protect riders’ data in Uber-Grab deal
Mar 27Betrayal: Was it fate or human frailty?
Mar 25Palm Sunday: How fickle we voters are
Mar 22Trump not copying Duterte drug drive
Mar 20Even a carabao can take only so much
Mar 15Don’t play games with the people
Mar 13Cabinet man fails Duterte ‘whiff’ test
Mar 11Duterte-UN row sinks to the gutter
Mar 08China loan terms must be disclosed
Mar 06‘Fake news’ sites listed by Wikipedia
Mar 04Politically-charged milieu unhealthy
Mar 01With Carpio as OIC, SC is in good hands
February 2018
Feb 27Can China defend SCS island bases?
Feb 25US on Du30 image: It’s all over media!
Feb 22Foreign bases ban: Is China exempted?
Feb 20All the President’s men rally for Bong
Feb 18Be first to name sea site, and it’s yours?
Feb 15Duterte shot rang around the world
Feb 13Du30 must explain loss of WPS islets
Feb 11Let 2 Koreas solve their own problem
Feb 08Phl’s world getting smaller with Du30
Feb 06Back to his native Cebuano tongue
Feb 04Was death due to, or despite, vaccine?
Feb 01When gov’t itself retails ‘fake news’
January 2018
Jan 30All investors, not just Indians, warned
Jan 25What’s ‘fake news’ in the real media?
Jan 23To restate where we’re coming from
Jan 21Davao capitalists ride high nowadays
Jan 18Rappler’s wounds were self-inflicted
Jan 14Acosta overacting in dengue probe
Jan 11We’re a happy lot. So why Cha-Cha?
Jan 09Change the system, or its inept officials?
Jan 07Admin’s hiding draft charter is suspicious
Jan 042018 a tumultuous intro to 2019 polls
Jan 02Year of the Lapdog mars lunar calendar

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