2010 Postscripts

December 2010
Dec 30‘Being singled out’ is a dangerous line
Dec 28High time gov’t stood up to MILF
Dec 26In public debate, both sides must be identified
Dec 23Couture dulls ordeal of Garcia’s son in NY
Dec 21Pity Tim, stylish son of Gen. Garcia in NY
Dec 19Hurry, bargain sale ongoing at Sandigan!
Dec 16TruthCom created to fish for evidence
Dec 14Pampanga marks 439th founding year
Dec 11HGC mismanagement sinks firm in big losses
Dec 09Issue is why TruthCom is targeting only GMA
Dec 07It’s true: Erap selling his Polk St. residence
Dec 05Aquino Cabinet men’s ‘unexplained poverty’
Dec 02Are media losing out to websites and blogs?
November 2010
Nov 30SLEx toll hike made bigger by cost of graft
Nov 28Try a sure, but costly, way to Lotto jackpot
Nov 25Petron can fill up gas lack in Metro Manila
Nov 23TV coverage creates a sort of trial by jury
Nov 21Noy objection to deal is mainly engineering
Nov 18Rejection of power rate hike temporary
Nov 16Blame for gas pipe leak is everywhere
Nov 14It was clever: Dog sent to sniff out Marcos ‘tuta’
Nov 11Chinese offered guns, if Ninoy needed them
Nov 09Ninoy being set up as the ‘Mad Bomber’
Nov 07Why would journalists keep away from Ninoy?
Nov 04Obama’s slide in polls offers lessons for Pinoys
Nov 02RP lags in regional nuclear power race
October 2010
Oct 31Go nuclear to solve chronic power lack?
Oct 28Noy not ready to test US patience on VFA
Oct 26The barangay polls over, SK can now be scrapped
Oct 24Gov’t bias against used motor vehicles assailed
Oct 21Shell smuggling case ripe for compromise
Oct 19Quality of mercy isn’t strained by school ties
Oct 17Gov’t must solve power crisis before it’s too late
Oct 14Mutiny is all right if it’s against GMA?
Oct 12Rising cost of those presidential messages
Oct 10Was UN assembly hall half-empty or half-full?
Oct 07RH law not needed, if Noy would do his job
Oct 05One way to save RH bill is to water it down
Oct 03Excommunication highly improbable
September 2010
Sept 30Accounting of foreign trips is tricky business
Sept 28Aquino talked to Obama for a record 7 minutes!
Sept 26Macapagal legacy casts shadow on today’s issues
Sept 23Miriam bomba to force Noy’s hand on jueteng?
Sept 21Noynoy more worried about what Beijing says
Sept 19More on ‘tawa-tawa’ as dengue herbal cure
Sept 16Is the Palace talking to the wrong ‘media’?
Sept 14Dengue victims dying while gov’t awaits data
Sept 12Upbeat economic news break thru dark clouds
Sept 09Why cops and robbers carry nail clippers/files
Sept 07Palace says ‘Move on,’ but itself isn’t moving
Sept 05Noynoy saving his boys, not the other way around
Sept 02Media merely hold a mirror to society
August 2010
Aug 31PNP report blaming Mendoza is premature
Aug 29Mega-mosque to rise beside Ground Zero?
Aug 26Keystone Kops caper live on int’l TV-news
Aug 24Hostage drama gives RP another blackeye
Aug 22Noynoy’s clan may lose land, but end up winner
Aug 19RP ‘wins’ Naia-3 case, but at staggering cost
Aug 17Prohibit PMA classes’ ‘adopting’ gov’t officials
Aug 15President is entitled to private moments
Aug 12MRT riders also pay for cost of corruption
Aug 10President can’t evade making a Luisita stand
Aug 08Pascual holds 10 times more shares than Lokin
Aug 05Airline pilots can’t just walk out on passengers
Aug 03Read EO-1 first, join debate on TruthComm
Aug 01Truth Commission can’t find closure to scandals
July 2010
July 29Warning shot fired across bow of media
July 27SONA horror stories: Still in campaign mode
July 25Exciting prospects in Manila port plans
July 22It’s out and official: Ricky’s a propagandist!
July 20155 countries polled: RP is 94th ‘happiest’
July 18Don’t privatize Pagcor, just clean it of thieves
July 15Noynoy’s headache: Press Office revamp
July 13P266-B Kobe beef vs P22-B pork bbq
July 11PCGG 'bantay-salakay' stunts must be stopped
July 08Noynoy must not be transparent always
July 06Genuino eyed as head of gambling megacity?
July 04Let’s make way if it’s the President
July 01We have to take our President’s word for it
June 2010
June 29Keep Pagcor running, but kick out Genuino
June 27Praying for a miracle: Aquino before Corona
June 24Judges strive to recover the judiciary’s lost luster
June 22Seniority not the main criterion for AFP chief
June 20‘Midnight fever’ hits risk-taking investors
June 17DILG chief must know world of cops, local execs
June 15If you’ve noticed, EDSA looks better, is now safer
June 13Going int’l, Lopezes eye clean and green power
June 10Nation is now all ears to Aquino’s every word
June 08ABS-CBN apologizes for false report on me
June 06My being PNOC director: Another Lopez ‘kuryente’
June 03Unfair to burden Noy with GMA appointees
June 01Genuino has the gall to stay as Pagcor boss?
May 2010
May 30How Binay crept up on Roxas in VP race
May 27Side issues distracting joint session from task
May 25Valuable counsel from Noy’s elders
May 23Reminder: The world is not black and white
May 20Spotty SSS files delay benefits due members
May 18Mar has only himself to blame for debacle
May 16Noynoy caught in CJ issue without fallback
May 13People Power nostalgia helped Cory’s son win
May 11Whoever the winner is, let us rally around him
May 09Now it can be told: My vote goes to Manny
May 06Iglesia endorsement seals win for Noynoy?
May 04GMA can’t name CJ to non-existent vacancy
May 02It’s now time to shift to sober, calmer tones
April 2010
Apr 29Why you should not trust political surveys
Apr 27Comelec insists it can do the job. So, let it be!
Apr 25Expecting defeat, loser predicts massive fraud
Apr 22Despite SC final ruling, questions won’t go away
Apr 20Agra says Ampatuans were elsewhere that day
Apr 18JBC is right resisting pressure on CJ issue
Apr 15A taxpayer’s thoughts on ITR filing deadline
Apr 13Somebody should tell inside story of surveys
Apr 11PET hit as illegal appendage of SC
Apr 08Comelec should say so if the job is just too big
Apr 06Media put to a test in May 10 elections
Apr 04Where to draw the line for partisan columnists?
Apr 01Instead of boycott, vote for sure-loser Party-list
March 2010
Mar 30Media feeding politics of hate and retribution?
Mar 28Eeek! Even a boycott can’t stop party-lists!
Mar 25Party-list nominees: Take off your masks
Mar 23Skip Party-list portion of the ballot on May 10
Mar 21Preview of how SC will decide CJ issue
Mar 18It’s not SC job to rule on hypothetical cases
Mar 16Papers must reinvent themselves to survive
Mar 14Can P300,000 buy a favorable survey?
Mar 11Aquino’s 2-point lead isn’t a ‘statistical tie’?
Mar 09Ruling on poll spending may be legal, but wrong
Mar 07VIPs, trapos hijacking Party-list House seats
Mar 04Last-ditch Mindanao talks in KL are futile
Mar 02Redesign ballot to look like Lotto betting card
February 2010
Feb 28HGC execs on carpet for lots’ low sale price
Feb 25Elected execs have fixed term; Cabinet men don’t
Feb 23Aquino, Villar on path of mutual destruction?
Feb 21Major blackout traced to greed over dirty coal
Feb 18How cabalens handle poll dispute with grace
Feb 16Voting isn’t the same as betting on a winner
Feb 14Impunity and stupidity mark campaign spending
Feb 11GMA may name SC chief -- plus one more?
Feb 09Gringo’s gross advice to Ping: Run and hide
Feb 07Uncle Harry coming over to baby-sit Pinoys
Feb 04It’s pointless for Villar to dance to foes’ music
Feb 02Candidate must destroy GMA to boost himself?
January 2010
Jan 31PCOS machines must be error-free all the time
Jan 28RFID makes redundant car windshield stickers
Jan 26Out of the darkness comes Flash Gordon
Jan 24A sign Villar is gaining: Foes ganging up on him
Jan 21Pineda better abandon poll protest vs Panlilio
Jan 19Political tug-of-war over Puno’s successor
Jan 17Exploitation worsens plight of poor Haitians
Jan 14We can allow live TV coverage of Ampatuan
Jan 12Choice is clear between gun ban and arms race
Jan 10Bubble bursts: Villar closing in on Aquino
Jan 07Why Tetangco glows with optimism for 2010
Jan 05Are we ready to vie in CAFTA market?
Jan 03It’s still the same bad world out there

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