2001 Postscripts

December 2001
Dec 30GMA must grab back the mike, set the agenda
Dec 27Obstructionism won’t pull us out of the rut
Dec 25Once upon a time, there was a king...
Dec 23How Osama & his men slipped thru US cordon
Dec 20Another surprise package unwrapped for ‘Star’ family
Dec 18Lawyers, judges, fixers work better in the dark
Dec 16Coco funds in SanMig: Challenge & opportunity
Dec 13Ask OFWs directly about absentee voting
Dec 11Alcordo told to quit; Alvarez faces CA bypass
Dec 09Security taking the fun out of modern air travel
Dec 06Anthrax has been around all this time
Dec 04Bias vs absentee voting more political than legal
Dec 02Is DENR ready for US scheme to write off debt?
November 2001
Nov 29Will biometrics solve identification problem?
Nov 27Arroyo to America: Just give us the tools!
Nov 25Napocor deal: Who gets the $5-M commission?
Nov 22GMA ‘balikbayan’ box bulging with $4B-plus
Nov 20GMA hints at ‘pleasant surprises’ in White House
Nov 18Enroute to DC, Arroyo makes sales pitch in NY
Nov 13Napocor used P470M for power bill passage?
Nov 11Alvarez not a credible adviser on airport deal
Nov 08Bring in TV and stop the Sandigan vaudeville
Nov 06Filipinos abroad press drive for voting rights
Nov 04Yes, the Constitution allows dual citizenship
Nov 01By retorting, GMA only dignifies tales about Mike
October 2001
Oct 30'Huwag pong gumitna at nang di masagasaan'
Oct 28Vast forest area awarded to one firm posing as five
Oct 25Issue low-number plates only to top four officials
Oct 23Oppositionists in CA disturbed by 'conthrax'
Oct 21Deadly 'conthrax' virus eating up fat gov't deals
Oct 18Here's a neat solution to bin Laden problem
Oct 16When Miss America walks the ramp with Miss Kabul
Oct 14Under the dust of history lies a city awaiting rebirth
Oct 11Best time to get caught in an ongoing bank heist
Oct 09Something's cooking in Kiko's kitchenette
Oct 07How Sept. 11 changed a little town and its guests
Oct 04As GMA's Achilles heel, Mike Arroyo had it coming
Oct 02$6-B time bomb ticking over the head of Alcordo
September 2001
Sept 30We favor giving US access to Subic, Clark
Sept 27Why was GSIS eased out in Napocor bidding?
Sept 25Napocor, GSIS local victims of war jitters
Sept 23Where was God when jets hit WTC towers?
Sept 20Merely killing bin Laden won't solve the problem
Sept 18Insight into the mind of Osama bin Laden
Sept 16Insight into the mind of Osama bin Laden
Sept 13Bush sets retaliation on terrorist act of war
Sept 11Achilles heel of GMA looks like Mike Arroyo
Sept 09With that GMA flareup, NFA's Abad better quit
Sept 06Dared on bank hoards, Ping beats hasty retreat
Sept 04Bonifacio, Rockwell face environment tests
Sept 02Ping threw an 'All right' and lost some points
August 2001
Aug 30GMA was just giving an opinion, not an order
Aug 28GMA must not let Lacson distract her
Aug 26FinCEN a good source of money-laundry data
Aug 23Readers drub senators for harassing witnesses
Aug 21Senators' overreaction betrayed an inner fear
Aug 19Senate's grave abuse of imagined powers
Aug 16Why are Pinoys poor but not really hungry?
Aug 14Lacson ‘hoard’ could go to US, not to RP gov’t
Aug 12Our readers’ opinion is 7-3 against Lacson
Aug 09Estradas must join Ping in signing waiver & SPA
Aug 07Corpus has the evidence? Then let him sue Lacson!
Aug 05Pocket People Power a restraint to reforms?
Aug 02Ping might just end up being another columnist
July 2001
July 31A veto can’t be recalled? That’s a legislative myth!
July 29Golden idea of having a school per barangay
July 26If GMA’s plan is bad, her foes should love it
July 24GMA pulls no punches, adds drama to her SONA
July 22With high cement prices, why block cheap imports?
July 19Want hospital arrest? Just cry cholesterol!
July 17Ping must come out swinging right away
July 15Just let Nene stay on as Senate president
July 12Gov’t trying hard to lose plunder case against Erap?
July 10Can we still give GMA a belated honeymoon?
July 08Yes, Ping should take same lie tests as Ador
July 05Fixing cases is easier with public in the dark
July 03Why SC ban on TV coverage won’t work
July 01SC should loosen up, allow some coverage
June 2001
June 28SC raps prostitution of party-list system
June 26Erap must speak up on his loyalists’ plans
June 24How do we interweave greatness & simplicity?
June 21Let's adopt absentee voting for 2004 polls
June 19Gov't has lost right to ban ransom deals
June 17Finally, the people have authentic representatives
June 14Why parade mediocrity? This is 2001, not 1898!
June 12Reject KL & Libya roles, but allow US to help out
June 10Ramos on AFP fund: 5.484B is with Erap!
June 07Sympathy votes cast for Loi, not for Erap
June 05Enemy escaping via back door is a PMA trademark
June 03After 3 years of cheap electricity, the deluge?
May 2001
May 31Time to ask FVR anew about the P8B for AFP
May 29GMA can ask Ramos to explain power mess
May 27If we pay $6-B Napocor debt, we must get equity
May 22House arrest: Sending Erap home on vacation
May 20Poll victory can’t wash away criminal liability
May 17Private armies fielded for Election Day duty!
May 15Comelec has too many lawyers, but no manager
May 13It’s easier to transport a ballot box than Erap
May 10Let’s allow house arrest under certain conditions
May 08Miriam more macho than Gringo in hiding
May 01No, we’re not sitting on the edge of civil war
April 2001
Apr 29Stick to main issue: Is Erap guilty or not?
Apr 26Erap blew his chance to show statesmanship
Apr 24Erap’s being president aggravated the plunder
Apr 22Don’t buy a PC yet; wait for price slashes
Apr 19Who is sabotaging Erap plunder case?
Apr 17BIR, banks working on ITR e-filing system
Apr 15Computerized filing of ITRs is feasible, easy, tamper-free
Apr 12They now sing the ‘pasyon’ to tune of Voltes V & Anak!
Apr 10Make Sign of the Cross before entering tollway
Apr 08Plunder case of Erap adds up to ‘Double 13’
Apr 05Erap arrest, detention to generate sympathy?
Apr 03GMA: No MILF secession. A sizzling headline, if true!
Apr 01Needing ‘peace’ by May, GMA tries appeasement
March 2001
Mar 29RP gov’t a co-equal of NDF in peace gab?
Mar 27PNCC neglects motorists’ safety on Death Toll Road
Mar 25Why must GRP face NDF, MILF as equals?
Mar 20Why must GRP face NDF, MILF as equals?
Mar 18We electricity-users sizzle in our own fat
Mar 15Stupidity and cupidity behind Irene’s blunder
Mar 13NPC in quick count? Let’s fix the club first!
Mar 11Voters’ registration is feasible -- if we want it
Mar 08Mad cow? Relax, shift to fish, fruits & veggies
Mar 06Rule of succession, not mob rule, installed GMA
Mar 04Now GMA can work without that distraction
Mar 01Wong case highlights weak AFP leadership
February 2001
Feb 27Everybody’s restrained on Erap case, except him
Feb 25Presidential immunity mere Marcosian myth
Feb 2245% ‘can forgive’ Erap under certain conditions
Feb 20Tinga at DoE: Like giving rapist the key to girls’ dorm
Feb 18This Sunday, take time to count your blessings
Feb 15Despite EDSA reforms, GMA uses showbiz icons
Feb 13Poll: Not eye treatment, but a grand escape plan
Feb 11What’s the real reason for Erap going abroad?
Feb 08What Erap filed was a ‘constructive resignation’
Feb 06Desierto’s delaying our rendezvous with history
Feb 04Estrada’s Sandigan trial must be covered live also
Feb 01Survey: 92% of readers oppose exile for Estrada
January 2001
Jan 30Exile for Erap: Tossing the turtle into the water?
Jan 28Military pension fund scandal haunts Abadia
Jan 25Don’t leave ‘7-11’ loose ends flapping in the wind
Jan 23Erap remembers Cory’s advice on ‘7-11’ option
Jan 21Don’t look now, but we have two presidents!
Jan 18With the Senate trial stalled, Erap must face EDSA court
Jan 16Witnesses risk their lives; the rest of us just watch
Jan 14Dump garbage on Clark: Whose crazy idea is this?
Jan 11Is the impeachment court still interested in the truth?
Jan 09Chain Binay, Aventajado to stinking garbage dump
Jan 07Enough evidence, but not enough senators to convict
Jan 04Defense lawyers eclipsed by trying-hard senators?
Jan 02New survey question: Who’s the Mad Bomber?

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