2007 Postscripts

December 2007
Dec 30Can Manila media win Panlilio's war for him?
Dec 27Guarantees of tax amnesty must stick
Dec 25Christmas story tells of the tapestry of life
Dec 23Sharing happy news: The STAR tops in ads!
Dec 20Alien investors invited, then given a hard time
Dec 18House debate heats up on cheaper drugs bill
Dec 16RTC raps loose bank control of PHC funds
Dec 13Media making it appear cops are picking on them
Dec 11PCGG agents looting sequestered companies
Dec 09Media need not cover too close all the time
Dec 06Gloria & Mike to talk of bridges in London?
Dec 04'Bicol Express' rushes amendments to Epira
Dec 02Pen siege: Shameless display of cowardice
November 2007
Nov 29Big jueteng tremor hits Pampanga soon
Nov 27Gov't favors tobacco firm, but not old folk
Nov 25By himself, Panlilio can't save Pampanga
Nov 22Case against Joe de V is clear even to laymen
Nov 20Bataan-vs-Petron war rages over realty taxes
Nov 18Aggie posts impressive growth despite drought
Nov 15If I were Among Ed, I'd return the P.5-M
Nov 13Napocor officials sued over coal overpricing
Nov 11JdV's call for moral rebirth absurd -- JPE
Nov 08Foreign experts cleared Ayalas who hired them
Nov 06Jinggoy floater testing water for Erap in 2010
Nov 04Press Freedom mural at NPC resto violated
Nov 01Who pockets the coal overprice at Napocor?
October 2007
Oct 30More readers object to pardoning of Erap
Oct 28It's futile to question pardon granted to Erap
Oct 25Erap's assailing Sandigan can delay grant of pardon
Oct 23Give explosion probers time and space to work
Oct 21Arroyo to continue sliding to 2010 cliff?
Oct 18Among Ed's honesty worthy of emulation
Oct 16Cha-cha talk revived, but no one's listening
Oct 14Probing the NBN deal: It's the motive, stupid!
Oct 11It's true, I've had a kidney operation
Oct 09Will lobby again kill bill assuring cheaper drugs?
Oct 07Why allow the Senate to supplant judiciary?
Oct 04Scrapping NBN won't satisfy Senate probers
Oct 02Son's broadband bid boomerangs on JdV
September 2007
Sept 30Hi-tech gears make driving easier, safer
Sept 27Was Erap told of legal conditions for pardon?
Sept 25Charter & calendar: Obstacles to pardon
Sept 23Refocus NBN inquiry to feasibility, urgency
Sept 20Keep quiet, so Gloria can then pardon Erap
Sept 18Plunder score is 2-2, but isn't a tie for Erap
Sept 16Sandiganbayan dissects the anatomy of plunder
Sept 13Erap fate irrelevant to EveryJuan's life
Sept 11Verdict on Erap's case not tied to GMA tenure
Sept 09Senate being insulted with 'Doble hearsay'
Sept 06Abalos should resign, then fight back like hell
Sept 04Can Reyes avert new electricity rate surge?
Sept 02Thesaurus holds key to GI Joes' presence
August 2007
Aug 30'Hello, Garci' tape: Beating a dead horse
Aug 28Who lobbied at BIR to slash cigarette tax?
Aug 26Can pre-1946 Pinoys claim US citizenship?
Aug 23Bongbong opens his mouth 17 years late
Aug 21Drive vs Abu Sayyaf justified as hot pursuit
Aug 19What if Moro fighters bagged an armed GI?
Aug 16Amnesty, even pardon, for Erap is still feasible
Aug 14Post-election protests: Out-cash, outlast them!
Aug 12Allow our soldiers on Sulu to hit back
Aug 09The Big Lie that was & is the Marcos wealth
Aug 07Masinloc sale augurs well for power sector
Aug 05GMA-Marcos deal? Malamang meron na!
Aug 02Who's favored to bag North Harbor contract?
July 2007
July 31Going to US? Better avoid flying Northwest
July 29This trick of naming roads, etc., after VIPs
July 26SONA projects explains why GMA looked weary
July 24Human life begins only at onset of ma's labor?
July 22SONA is promises versus performance
July 19SC nominees pass eye of Palace loyalty needle
July 17RA 9262 protects both abused & abusive women
July 15Who pocketed millions in lahar quarrying fees?
July 12Ong better drop his SC bid before GMA does it
July 10Can anybody remember the party color of Villar?
July 08Pope exhorts faithful to combat corruption
July 05Supersolicitous dads ruining sons' careers
July 03Erap guilty of plunder? Betting is divided 50-50
July 01Priest-governor's move against jueteng awaited
June 2007
June 28Sneaking into Congress via Party-List backdoor
June 26Nasecore for or against interests of power users?
June 24Gonzales' shotgun blast unfair to Bataan police
June 21Why Atienza son lost Manila mayorship bid
June 19President can't ignore looting at Philcomsat
June 17Philcomsat: From top earner to milking cow
June 14How to sell out RP interests in air talks
June 12Power crisis concocted to justify expensive coal?
June 10Lobby kills House bill for low-cost medicines
June 07Pineda will come out winner if she concedes
June 05Tough battle for foes of PNCC compromise
June 03Dominicans in trouble over new UST hospital
May 2007
May 31Filipino farmers need not be gaunt, unshod
May 29Manila shakes off IMF stranglehold
May 27Turn quarrying-jueteng scourge into opportunity
May 24Prices going up again. Elections must be over
May 22Can a priest resign from the priesthood?
May 20Priest sent to deliver his cabalen from evil
May 17Vice lords still rule Pampanga politics?
May 15Pampanga is a test of voters' maturity
May 13GO has planted doubt on integrity of elections
May 10Unopposed, 267 mayors campaign all-out for TU
May 08Binay untouchable just because he's Opposition?
May 06It happens when the ego of a proud people is tested
May 03Amid campaign, who's minding food security?
May 01PNCC settling 26-year debt with Marubeni
April 2007
Apr 29Can't GMA stop her arrogant errand boys?
Apr 26Support pouring out for Pampanga priest
Apr 24We need electricity, not Napocor excuses
Apr 22Boholanos' spirit typifies upbeat mood in provinces
Apr 19Many Party-List sectors don't look 'marginalized'
Apr 17Who's afraid of Sonny? All his rivals, it seems
Apr 15Harassed electricity users recall Enrile poll promise
Apr 12Old GSIS pensioners gripe about eCard use
Apr 10SWS dropped as polling partner of ABS-CBN
Apr 08Why choose the lesser evil? Choose the good!
Apr 05Sacrificing basic rights at altar of anti-terrorism
Apr 03Lakas parades troops imbedded in TU army
Apr 01Lakas, Kampi dominate provinces. Where's GO?
March 2007
Mar 29Why MJ isn't running for mayor -- or senator
Mar 27Judicial cleanup nets another CA big fish
Mar 25Why Comelec junked computerized elections
Mar 22Read PPS/23 to discern basis of US intervention
Mar 20'Conjugal Justice' earns ire of reformist SC chief
Mar 18Intervention in RP is official US policy
Mar 15Napocor must plow back forex gains to consumers
Mar 13Comelec fire ignites talk of sinister plots
Mar 11Has military taken over nation's capital?
Mar 08Opposition running out of solid election issues?
Mar 06In fairness, all 'Aquino' votes must go to Noynoy
Mar 04Opposition machine is already sputtering?
Mar 01Napocor can't ignore Epira bid requirement
February 2007
Feb 27Who's behind lobby for LRA's abolition?
Feb 25Napocor's LHDC deal recalls Masinloc
Feb 22Pampanga factions unite for GMA bets
Feb 20STAR is smaller now, but heftier and handier
Feb 18Comelec can redeem its name, save nation
Feb 15Is it goodbye for this nation after May polls?
Feb 13Will money & machine again decide poll results?
Feb 11With 3rd Transco failed bid, why not negotiate?
Feb 08Disregard party colors; focus on the candidate
Feb 06Who's afraid of Nur and his OIC patrons?
Feb 04Will Napocor ever cut off those sticky fingers?
Feb 01With JV in, UNO can't bar Allan Peter & Koko
January 2007
Jan 30GMA's big problem: A viable exit strategy
Jan 28JBC junks Malacanang bet for Supreme Court
Jan 25Tatad splits from Erap over JV's senatorial bid
Jan 23Yap sees aggie sector booming in 2007-08
Jan 21Is JBC now a certified rubber stamp of Palace?
Jan 18It's better to strengthen than to abolish the LRA
Jan 16Press Club sells family heirloom to raise funds
Jan 14Mike's attack dog can sniff around in China
Jan 11Pampanga showdown: Jueteng vs quarrying
Jan 09$2-M 'extort' comes back to haunt Perez
Jan 07War veterans' children chide me on US issues
Jan 04What pressure did US exert on GMA?
Jan 02GMA's springing Smith insulted entire judiciary

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